International Conference on “Islam, Modernity” starts

ISLAMABAD, Jun 4 (APP):The speakers here at a conference on “Islam, Modernity” observed that Islam is a universal religion and the difficulties for the religion do not arise because of any scientific development.

They also called for bridging the gap between Islam and the West through demonstrating and promoting the Islamic message of peace and tolerance.

The 2-day international conference on “Islam and Modernity” started here Wednesday at the International Islamic University (IIU).

Leading scholars and experts from Pakistan and abroad delivered lectures and presented papers during the inaugural session.

Rector IIU, Dr Manzoor Ahmed addressing the conference said that “The problem of modernity lies in trying to find out whether certain alternative systems can be built which may not be totally in consonance with the classical deductive system, yet they reflect the true spirit of Islam.”

“The difficulties for Islam do not arise because of any scientific development but because of the changes in perception about social structures and systems,” he added.

Prof. Khurshid Ahmad addressing the conference said “There are a lot of differences between Muslims and the followers of other religions but there is great space for tolerating each other.”

Renowned scholars including M. Shahid Alam, Pervaz Hoodbhoy, Dr Zafar Ishaq Ansari and Noman-ul-Haq delivered lecture the topic “What went wrong: The Encounter with Modernity and Diagnoses of Muslim civilizational Decline.”

Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan, Tamara Sonn from USA, Aasim Sajjad Akhtar, Khaled Ahmed and Salman Sayyid expressed their views on the topic “Muslim responses to modernity and Globalization: Contradictions, Tensions and Possibilities”.

The opening session was also addressed by President IIU, Dr Anwar Hussain Siddiqui, Executive Director of the IRD, Dr Mumtaz Ahmed and Director IRD, Zakir Muhammed Jauhar.

Leading Scholars including Misbah Saboohi, Asad Farooq, Ashis Nandy and M. Shahid Alam will deliver lectures on the topic of “Towards Utopia of Modernity: Development and progress in the Muslim world” during the concluding session of the conference.

Associated Press of Pakistan

International Islamic University Islamabad


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