Spreading Hadith One Post Per Day- Introduction

Spreading Hadith One Post Per Day” is an objective that I wish to achieve myself in the month of Ramadan.

Hadith are also called Traditions and are the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, May God’s Peace and Blessings be upon him.

Some may wonder, how come we (Muslims) know what Prophet Muhammad said 1400 years ago? The answer to this question has a long process. For here, I will just say, that the Student (Tabieen) Scholars of the Companions (Sahaba) of Prophet Muhammad SAW, went city after city seeking the Hadith in order to preserve it. Many great Sahaba scholars and Jurists were still alive at that time and since their sincerity to the faith cannot be doubted, their approval to the compilations by students of knowledge cannot be doubted either. It was through intensive check and re check of the chain of narrators and the character of each narrator, memory skill and many other factor, called Science of Hadith. Hadith are rated Authentic-Sahih, Good-Hasan Weak- Daif, and Fabricated- Mawdu.

The Hadith that I would choose would Inshallah (God Willing) be the ones that are being forgotten in practise among Muslims, and/or those that Muslims don’t hear quite often. I will try to have commentary with it. Due to time constraint I won’t be able to collect Ahadith (plural of Hadith) from various different sources and would suffice on the limited access that I have to the Books of Ahadith, which are all Authentic.

However, any one can send me Ahadith at [thekeytopower@gmail.com] considering that the exact source is being sent.

I will try to have Ahadith that can be applied into practise in general. I intent to spread the Ahadith with a hope that somewhere on this planet, someone would learn at least one hadith and will bring it into life through practise, starting from myself first, Inshallah.

I am not a Scholar, and in English, Ahadith are translations and so can only be taken and understood as an abstract, or at Macro level. Even then they are very beneficial and the Sayings of Prophet Muhammad can be applied to our lives even today after 1400 years.

Since I am not a Scholar, any wrong is on my side. I would try my best to write in the same way as it was in the source. Intention is pure, and I hope that unintentional wrong would be forgiven.




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3 responses to “Spreading Hadith One Post Per Day- Introduction

  1. Dreams Of An Inspired Mind

    Salaam Alaikum. You have a great blog Masha'Allah. I think this idea of the Hadith a day is going to be very helpful insha'Allah. I was wondering if you would mind me linking your hadith posts onto my blog with full credit to your blog? Insha'Allah this way there will be more people learning from it insha'Allah along with myself. Please let me know if you approve or disapprove of this idea. All in all, thank you for sharing this information with us all. May Allah (swt) reward you greatly for your efforts. Ameen.

  2. UmerSultan

    Walaikum Assalam Sister (I am guessing from your blog!) There is no way I will stop you from spreading the Ahadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. Feel free to post each on them. Hopefully someone, starting from us first, would atleast bring one hadith to life in our lives.You can also Follow The Key To Power at Facebook, if you have a facbook account or you can follow through Blogger, it will be easier for you too get to know the latest posts.Wassalam

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