Hadith 5: Suspicion leads to hatred

Hadith 5: Suspicion leads to hatred

It is related by Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah said:

Do not be suspicious, for suspicion is the height of falsehood, nor bear a grudge or enmity against each other, nor jealous of each other, nor indulge in back-biting, nor pry into the secrets of one another, nor try unreasonably to excel one another, nor turn your faces against each other, but O bondsmen of Allah! Live like brothers as Allah has commanded.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Commentary: The evils mentioned above are highly detrimental to the growth of good and friendly relations. They cause ill-will and produce bitterness in the hearts. The sacred Prophet has, first of all, spoken of suspicion which is a form of unfounded fear and misdoubt, and whoever has a suspecting nature sees viciousness in everything a man does with whom he has the least difference, and his attitude towards him is, naturally, influenced by it. The other person, too, reacts and an atmosphere of sullen malice and ill-will is created between them.

The Prophet has termed suspicion as *Arabic word* (trans. the highest degree of a lie). Generally, every Muslim knows that to tell a lie is a sin but everyone does not consider suspicion to be as evil. The Messenger of Allah has told us, however, that suspicion is the greatest lie. The sin of the heart is not less than the lie of the tongue.

Another hadith tells us that to hold a good image of anyone is the best form of worship. (Ahmed, Abu Dawood, on the authority of Abu Hurairah)
The same is the case with the other habits indicated in it. They breed hatred and enmity and leave no room for goodwill and fellowship to develop which the common religious tie demands.
The last word of the hadith, “live like brothers as Allah has commanded” indicate that only when hatred is removed from the hearts will you be able to live like brothers.

[Maulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani. Ma’ariful Hadith, Volume 1, Pg. 370-371. “Book of Manners,” Darul-Ishaat, Karachi, 2002.]

“Spreading Hadith One Post Per Day” series.
Hadith # 5.

5/Ramadan/1430 AH.

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