Hadith 7: Character Is The Base of Faith

Hadith 7: Character is the base of faith

It is related by Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah said:

Among the Muslims more perfect in Faith is he whose manners are better.

Commentary: Perfection in Faith depends on good manners and noble qualities of mind and character. Thus, a person will be as perfect in Faith as his moral disposition is praiseworthy. Or, we might say, good moral qualities are the natural outcome of perfection in Faith. It cannot be that a person is blessed with the reality of Faith and yet his morals remain imperfect.

[Maulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani. Ma’ariful Hadith, Volume 1, Pg. 141. “Book of Faith,” Darul-Ishaat, Karachi, 2002.]

“Spreading Hadith One Post Per Day” series.
Hadith # 7.

7/Ramadan/1430 AH.

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