Hadith 9: Avoid That Which Is Doubtful

Hadith 9: Avoid that which is doubtful

It is narrated by Numan ibn Bashir that the Messenger of Allah said:

What is allowed is clear and what is forbidden, also is clear. But, between them, there are a few things that are doubtful, and many people do not know about them. (They are ignorant of their true position in the Shari’ah). Thus, whoever keeps away from doubtful things as well will protect his faith and honor and (his record will) remain unblemished, and whoever will indulge in boudtful things will land in himself within the borders of the forbidden… {Bukhari and Muslim}

Commentary: It is one of the Traditions that are regarded by the authorities as most important and expressing a fundamental ethical principle of Islam.

First of all, it tells that the position of what is lawful or forbidden in the Shariah is clear and free from doubt, but there are many other things or acts whose legitimacy or otherwise is uncertain, that is, they can be held lawful on the basis of one principle of Sharia and unlawful on the basis of another principle. What becomes a faithful believer in respect of doubtful things is that he avoids them out of piety and prudence. In it, lies the safety of his faith and honor. […] Some commentators have concluded from the arrangements of this tradition that for the purification of the heart, it is essential for a man to abstain from doubtful things, along with the forbidden ones, in food and drink.

[Maulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani. Ma’ariful Hadith, Volume 4, Pg. 67. “Book of Affairs,” Darul-Ishaat, Karachi, 2002.]

“Spreading Hadith One Post Per Day” series.
Hadith # 9.

9/Ramadan/1430 AH.

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