Hadith 11: Treat Your Wives Good

Hadith 11: Treat your wives Good

It is related by Sayyidah Aisha (the wife of Prophet Muhammad) that the Messenger of Allah said:

Among Muslims his Faith is more perfect whose behavior towards (everyone) is good, and (particularly), towards his wife is of love and kindness.” {Tirmidhi}

Abu Hurairah related to us that the Messenger of Allah said:

Among Muslims they are more perfect in Faith who are perfect in morals, and, (in fact), the best of you are those who are best to their wives.” {Tirmidhi}

[Maulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani. Ma’ariful Hadith, Volume 3, Pg. 391. “Book of Monetary and Mutual Dealings,” Darul-Ishaat, Karachi, 2002.]

“Spreading Hadith One Post Per Day” series.
Hadith # 11.

11/Ramadan/1430 AH.

Where do our Muslim societies stand today, wieght it yourself with these two Ahadith!!!
Rampant Domestic violence and mistreatment of women. Our men and women both have no clue about their rights as Husband and Wife and neither they want and seek to know.

On the other hand we have so called “Islamic Feminist” who are far from the knowledge, understanding and the practise of Islam and want to change Islam as per their values.

May Allah show us all the straight path. Ameen. [UmerSultan]


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