Hadith 18.2: Naseehah To Allah’s Book and To His Messenger

Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“The religion is naseehah.” The people said, “To whom?” The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied: “To Allah and to His Book and to His Messenger and to the Leaders of the Muslims and to the common folk of the Muslims.” (Recorded by Muslim)

To His Book:

Next the Prophet (SAW) said, “To His book.” The word, “His book,” refers to the whole class of revelation. Hence, it includes all of the previously revealed scriptures as well as the Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). [Pg # 485]

Naseehah to the book of Allah requires that{*}

1] one believe that the Quran is from Allah,
2] that (Quran) is the speech and uncreated word of Allah, and that it is not like the word of man.
3] according to the one’s ability, reads and recites it properly, applies it, studies its admonitions, lessons, and parables.
4] Calling others to believe in the book of Allah is also part of this naseehah.

An important aspect is
5] defend and protect it from any kind of distortion or misinterpretation.
6] defending against the false claims made against it, such as the claim made by… that it has not been precisely preserved since the time of Prophet (SAW).
7] Having the proper respect and treatment of the Quran in the proper manner…

Since naseehah is such an essential aspect of the religion, every Muslim should consider these points and ask himself if he is truly really make naseehah to Allah and to the Book of Allah?
[Pg # 486]

{*}Note: Bullet points are by me of the two separate paragraphs. To study more please do go to the page above. [Umer Sultan]

To His Messengers:

The naseehah to the Prophet includes:

1] believing his message, believing in all that he brought as being divinely inspired, obeying him, helping and defending him, defending his honor and respecting his status.
2] One accepts the Prophet as the true leader and only human final word with respect to the religion. He is the only real human authority and everyone else’s opinion and statements come after his. […]
3] Being friends to those who love him and an enemy to those who are against him.
4] Reviving his sunnah and fighting innovations, spreading, learning and teaching his message, making supplications for him.
5] Loving his family and his companions. […]

[Page # 486-487]

Source: Jamaal al-Din M. Zarabozo, Commentary of the Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi, Volume 1, Hadith 7. Al Basheer Company for Publication and Translations, 1999.

“Spreading Hadith One Post Per Day” series.
Hadith # 18.

19/Ramadan/1430 AH.

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