Allama Iqbal’s Poetry on Sincerity- Masjid to banaadi shab bhar mein

Allama Iqbal:


Though the mosque was built overnight by the believers
Our heart is old sinner, for years devout it could not be

What a beautiful message did Sanësâ[1] give to King Faisal[2]
By descent you are Hijazi, but by heart Hijazi you could not be

Though eyes become wet, there is no pleasure in this weeping
If by mixture of affliction’s blood, tears pink it could not be

Iqbal is a good advisor, fascinates the heart in moments
He did become hero in talk, but one in deeds he could not be

[1.] Sanësâ – A member of the Sëfâ brotherhood founded in 1837 in North Africa by Muhammad Ibn ‘Alâ al-Sanësâ (d. 1859), an Algerian Muslim leader.

[2.] King Faisal I– He was the first king of Iraq (1921-33). As a part of the settlement of the Arab lands which seceded from the ‘Uthmaniya Khilafah (Ottoman Caliphate) at the end of World War I the British made him King of Iraq. ‘Allamah Iqbal refers to him in his Poem 147-29, alluding to his treason to the Khilafah.

Source: Iqbal, Allama. Bang-e-Dara. Iqbal Academy Pakistan-website for Urdu Text and Translation.

English Translation is here edited by me. This short Poem is the last poem in Bang-e-Dara in print. At online website it is under “Zarifana” or “Humorous Poems” (as translated by Iqbal Academy Pakistan).

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