I am Thinking about Switching to WordPress from Blogger

I have been thinking that I should switch or “Export” my blog from this Google Product “Blogger” to WordPress.

WordPress for some reason get more audience, and people are more interactive. They leave comments. Moreover, WP gives you the statistics, which here at Blogger I have to rely on third party products.

Only two things are not good at WP. First, I won’t be able to have my Facebook Fan page corner at WP like I have here. Second, here at Blogger I can schedule posts, but not at WP. This scheduling helped me during Ramadan with “Spreading Hadith One Post Per Day.”

WP also lets the writer have Categories and provided unlimited Tags. Blogger on the other hand has a limit for Tags “Labels” and no Categories.

So I am in a little dilemma. If you have any suggestions let me know.


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