Geo Interview with a Suicide Bomber- Is Khawarij Mentality Back!!

By Umer Sultan

Geo News of Pakistan, interviewed a released Suicide Bomber in Pakistan. This video which is with English Subtitles, exposes the bitter reality to those Muslims who are still of the opinion that “Muslim” Terrorist are working for the Ummah.

After watching this video, I experienced a quick flashback. All the rules of engagement in the War, Quranic verses and Ahadith came across my mind and I was left wondering, is it not this a Khawarij mentality!!!

Fitna Khawarij came into existence after the wisal (death) of Prophet Muhammad SAW. They were the first group of Muslim extremists who declared the entire Ummah back then as Kafir (non-belivers) and made it legitimate to spill the blood of Muslims.

In this video, this Suicide Bombers has quite clearly declared that the Muslims of Pakistan, inclusing the scholars are not innocent and it needed be they must be killed because they are not participating in Jihad.

Hearing the word Jihad, it reminded me of some rules and guidlines. Jihad has to be declared by a legitimate Islamic Government (which the Muslim world is lacking).

The Mujahideen (those who participate in Jihad) they need to have permission from their parents, espacially from their Mothers. This guy said “When Jihad becomes obligatory, then the parent’s opposition doesn’t count.” Which is quite contrary to what Prophet Muhammad SAW said to a Muslim, who wanted to participate in Jihad against the forces of Quraish, but was told to serve his old mother and that will be his Jihad.

The first 4 Rightly guided Caliphs-Caliph Abu Bakar, Caliph Umar ibn Al Khattab, Caliph Usman ibn Affan, Caliph Ali ibn abi Talib- and many commanders always reminded their generals before any war that ‘Old people, women, children and unarmed adult men need not to be killed. Fruits, cattle and vegetation need not to be destroyed.’ Whereas, this dude is saying that when his ameer gives him a target, that target needs to be fulfilled even if that means blowing up a Mosque and Markets (killing not only men, but also kids and infants and women).

Is this a Khawarij Mentality? I think it is. Does this means that Khawarij ideology is back in the Muslim Ummah?

Series of bombs every day in Pakistan. Mosques, markets, military posts, police stations, schools and Islamic Universities, politicians and Islamic Scholars, every one has become the target of Khawarij.

We need to stand up once again for Islam against Khawarijeen.

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One response to “Geo Interview with a Suicide Bomber- Is Khawarij Mentality Back!!

  1. Saad V.

    this dude is dumb

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