Successful Transition- From Blogger to WordPress


I am done trasferring my blog from <> to <>. Most of the comments have been transferred, and all Posts are here. It was quite easy.

Few Steps From Bloggers:

  1. Go to Bloggers Dashboard
  2. Under Basic Tab, click “Export Blog”
  3. It will ask you to download your file- go ahead and click “Download Blog”
  4. Save the newly opened file on your Desktop by “Save As”

Then From WordPress:

  1. You Should have a WordPress (WP) account to start with.
  2. In WP Dashboard, under “My Account,” click “My Blogs.”
  3. You will have to Register a new blog in order to create the blog that you want to import from Blogger.
  4. Click “Register Another Blog” or “Register New Blog”
  5. Choose your URL for WP blog. You have this moment to change your URL, if you didn’t like the URL at Bloggers. Changing URL won’t affect transfer of Data. It shouldn’t since mine was smooth.
  6. Once you are done registering the new WP Blog. Go to “Tools” under that Dashboard of this newly registered blog.
  7. Choose “Import”
  8. Choose “Blogger”
  9. Upload that Saved File from the Deskup. Give your computer some time and your blog should move from Blogger to WP.
  10. All Tags of Blogger would become Categories at WP. Choose a Theme and spend some time in layout, and have fun.

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