Taqwiyat-ul-Iman by Shah Ismail Shaheed: A Must Read Book for every Muslim

By Umer Sultan

Tawheed, which can be loosley translated as Monotheism or specifically as Islamic Monotheism is the concrete base of the Building of Islam. It is the first article of Faith in Islam, and it is this message that Allah sent the chain of Prophets from Adam to Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon all of them.

Today, associating partners with God has become a normal practise, a culture established by traditions. The very message that the Seal of the Prophethood, Muhammad ibn Abdullah was sent by God, seems to be lost in practise. A lot has been written on this after the era of Great Imams. For before that it was common sense, but now the common sense is Shirk- unfortunately. People are labeled with innovative or derogatory words to people who defend the first pillar of Islam- Tawheed.  Unfortunately, these accusers and label stampers are Muslims themselves.

Taqwiyat-ul-Iman (Strenghtening of the Faith) was written by one of the great scholars of Indian Subcontinent- Shah Ismail Shaheed.  Shah Ismail was a grandson of Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Ad-Dehlavi.  After Sheikh-ul-Islam Imam Ibn Taymiyya and Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, Shah Ismail’s Taqwiyat-ul-Iman is a MUST READ for every Muslim Lay men and women. After I read this book, I came to find out some faults in my own belief. Shirk that are so common because of the custom and tradition and lack of knowledge, one never gives a second thought about one’s own believes and practices.

Ignorance will not be an excuse in front of Allah, and understanding the basics of Islam is an obligation upon every Muslim- male or female, young or old. Tawheed is the base of the Shahadah– the first Pillar of Islam, and if that is lacking in a Muslim, then prayers and fasting, Zakah and Hajj is all useless.  Moreover, how can anyone claim to believe in something about which one has no knowledge about! This is a very serious issue, that is largely ignored!

In this book you will find evidences from the Holy Quran and Ahadith-e-Nabwi for every claim. Refusing to believe in Tawheed and by bogus labeling Shah Ismail Shaheed as a “Deobandi” “Wahabi” or “Salafi” is a grave injustice to Islam.

Taqwiyat-ul-Iman can be read online here in English. It can be bought online in USA here and in Europe or Britain here.

May Allah giver guidance to every one and show us Siratul Mustaqeen. Ameen.


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9 responses to “Taqwiyat-ul-Iman by Shah Ismail Shaheed: A Must Read Book for every Muslim

  1. aww jazakAllah khayr br. Umer, subhanAllah this book looks awsomeish, gotta get one soon inshaAllah- im not a pdf person, i like to hold my books in my hand so inshaAllah i’d get one.

    jazakAllah khayr for the book reviews br. Umer, please keep sharing.

    And whats salafi? can you perhaps write something on that, or explain that to me perhaps inshaAllah?

    thank you.

  2. Yea I am not a PDF person either. I have over dozens of books in PDF-classic, rare and must reads- but its not the same as having a book in your hand and reading it.
    Purchasing this book will inshallah certainly help you in many ways. Shah Ismail Shaheed, wrote it for people like us, lay Muslims, with basic understanding.

    I read in Urdu and English, and I was astonished by the simple Urdu that was used in it. I bought in English as a reference. You will like it, and want to share it with others.

    Note: Okay no publisher is paying me for this comment 🙂

  3. lol lol @ paying for comment

    i was in the library today and i was looking for this, par i couldnt find it, perhaps ill get my own copy inshaAllah.
    jazakAllah khayr

  4. Which Library were you looking in?

  5. Oh it was a local library, they have awesome books mashaAllah, theyre just a bit unorganized..

  6. Mufti Alamgir

    Salamaliqum Please let me know where the book Taquiatul iman in urdu is available.

    • Walaikum Assalam Mufti Alamgir,

      The Urdu book of Taqwiyat-ul-Imaan should be available at the Darussalam stores in Pakistan and Darul-Ishaat stores should also have it.

      If you cannot find anywhere please let me know, as I have one that was given by the Saudi Gov to one our family member when they went for Hajj. So I can scan it inshAllah and send it to as I am trying to make a collection of e-books:


  7. Danish Ahmed

    brother why this book is not available in urdu pdf free download.you must upload this book in urdu

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