At least 500 Families went Bankcrupt in a Day!

500 families to around 2000 individuals went bankcrupt in one Day in Karachi, the industrial and economic backbone of Pakistan. WHY? because Police and Rangers were chilling in their headquarters, when this “mob” burned the economic Hub of Karachi.

Blame Taliban if you want Altaf Hussein and Asif Ali Zardari, but some of us will remember that not a single security agency was there to protect and control the situation. All this has happened before and is happening again!

Public is being fooled and getting fooled.

These families were not terrorist, they were mainly Pashton middle class, selling products @ wholesale. Will you pay for their rehablilitation Oh President of Islamic Republic, becoz thats what the Islamic Law says. May I ask you Mr. Zardari and Mr Mustafa Kamal- The Mayor of Karachi- that where was the entire POlice force, Anti Terrorist Squad, Rangers, Pakistani Military in Karachi cantonments???

Public is still sleeping.

Our freek politicians are having Picnic in Gwadar from public’s millions of ruppees of tax while taking loans from IMF, World Bank, US, and when people are being killed like its Modern Warfare game. Where is the humanity in that!

Chulloo bhar pani mein sharam se doob marna chahiye in haram khoroon ko.


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