No Terrorism Threat Now? Only Because he is not Ahmed or ibn qasim!

By Umer Sultan 

An idiot from Bethesda. Pict taken from Washington Post

I came to know about this today. Yes 5 days after this news was reported. That a 20 yrs old guy from Bethesda named Collin McKenzie-Gude was convicted for trying to assassinate President Obama back in 2008 when we was running for elections. 

The entire story can be read at Washington Post, Jan 20, 2010 issue

What, I remember when this Christian Preacher down south was preaching in his church and in an interview in a radio station that he hope Obama dies. This is also back then, when President Obama was running for President.  

So no fear of terrorism now! No mention what motivated him to try assassinate President Obama in 2008! 

His motives were clear and confirmed: 

Messitte was also clearly concerned that a key witness for prosecutors — McKenzie-Gude’s former close friend Patrick Yevsukov — testified that McKenzie-Gude had talked about trying to assassinate Obama by halting his convoy with roadside bombs. The judge said it “seemed to be a serious plan.”  

He also had the equipment he needed: 

Inside his second-floor bedroom, in a house just outside the Capital Beltway, McKenzie-Gude stored the chemicals, three semiautomatic rifles, two shotguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, including armor-piercing rounds. Police also found assault plans on a computer storage device in the bedroom. 

No Fox News Pundits going bunkers how America is unsafe, no CNN rolling back into the issue, no fear factor. 

Imagine if this idiot had a name like Ahmed, Qasim, or ibn al mateen or mohammad or Faizan- immediately not only American Muslims would react like “Oh not again, now what the heck” and prepare for a nice post fear factor hit but also the media would just go crazy as how America is target of Home Grown Terrorists and would question the loyalty of American Muslims. Some would say that we should have all American Muslims into the concentration camps, or deport them, and some would… well you know the media protocol, it doesn’t change. 

Why this Double Standard? Why Terrorism is always projected in the media that it comes from Muslims in America when the FBI’s official website, there exists a chronological list of all terrorist attacks committed on U.S. soil from the year 1980 all the way to 2005 shows that Muslim Attacks were only 6% where as Jews Terrorist Attacks were 7% and Latinos for 42% (not that I am suggesting that their communities should undergo the same scrutiny). 

I didn’t even came to know about it back in 2008, when I was following the Presidential Race! 

Why such double standard towards Muslims? Why we are keeping people confused and ignorant so that they resort towards a proposed and repetitive projected ideology of the “clash of civilizations.”  

Its sad…


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7 responses to “No Terrorism Threat Now? Only Because he is not Ahmed or ibn qasim!

  1. W

    I completely agree.
    I have heard some say that while not all Arabs are terrorists, all terrorists are Arab. And, really, who can define terrorism anymore, when the definition grows murkier every day?

    Still, the belief that all threats to this country lie outside its borders is not only sad and stupid – it is dangerous.

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  3. Leiba Bronstein

    Let’s speak about double standard.
    There are deadly terrorist attacks and not deadly ones. And you may be sure, that among those who committed non deadly attacks (burn down Mc Donalds, free animals, bomb empty building etc.) there a no moslems at all.

    But when we would speak about deadly attacks… Who committed most them?

    Or let’s better avoid this theme it sounds too islamophobic.

    • I donno where you are coming from!

      According to the US FBI official report since 1980 only about 6% terrorist attacks at US are Muslims, 7% are Jewish, and over 40% are Hispanic!

      In Europe, the anti-immigrant sentiments have taken such a racist turn that the immigrant communitite have turn into ghettos (muslims and non-muslims) and when a muslim commits a huneious crime it is labelled Terrorism. Your politicians and media pundits have changed the meaning of Terrorism. It means now that when ever a Muslim goes bunkers thats Terrorism, & its not if a Christian guy goes on a shooting spree in a Holocaust Museum in NY kills cops. Or Mr Joseph STacks who gets on the plane and crashes it into the IRS (gov tax) building to fulfill his political agenda!!! His acts are not only not called terrorism but he is called Hero by his daughter in US media.

      Go and do some research.
      “Not all muslims are terrorist but all terrorist are muslims” this statement is proven flawed time and time again to people who are of sane mind.

    • D.I.D.

      Actually, even non-violent or political protests commited by Muslims seem to somehow be contorted into “terrorism” by the media. The Iraqi fella who threw his shoes at Bush was quickly dubbed “the Shoe Bomber”, even though I doubt being hit with a few worn-out loafers would’ve caused long term health problems for President Bush…

  4. D.I.D.

    “Terrorism” is supposed to have a murky meaning, so that any one group of people who are perceived to be a threat are ostricized for the sake of cheap political points for their tormenters. Today, the Muslim community is the target.

    Anyone who commits excessive violence against defenseless civilians for a retrogade cause, be it a religious, political or social cause, is a terrorist in my books. I don’t care what the colour of a person’s skin is, or what his/her faith or political motivation is, anyone who engages in terror is a terrorist. This nut is evidently a Christian terrorist.

    Islamic countries do have a disproportionate amount of terrorists, though I would credit this to the poor living conditions and the historically rooted and ongoing violence as the reason for an increased number of extremists rather than to the predominant faith. Given stability, peace, and some degree of afluence, I bet that the Islamic world would have no more terrorists than Western Europe and North America.

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