Have Humanity Oh Politicians of Pakistan

Oh Politicians of Pakistan, Rightist and Leftists, Islamists and Secularists, Illiterates and Phds, Ignorant and Intelligent, do you not see what is happening in your country. Do you not feel the pain of all these innocent lives that are being taken every other day? Have you all lost your humanity? You all claim to be Muslims, yet in practise it seems to be further from that claim. A Muslim must care for the humanity and for Justice. We the common people of Pakistan (mostly residing overseas) ask why? Why do you not feel any pain of the death of the hundreds and thousands of innocent civilian lives who have done nothing, who have no agenda against the government?

Today Friday, Feb 05 2010,  a Shia Procession was attacked in Karachi, Pakistan. Then another suicide bombing took place at the Emergency room of the Jinnah Hospital were injured people from the first attack were present along with the mourners, spreading further chaos. Mr Politicians, the concerned people want to know why these people were targeted? These people posed no threat to neither the government of Pakistan, nor the NATO forces in Afghanistan. They posed threat neither to any terrorist organization, nor were they active is some secular activities that they would get attacked by extremists (like getting busy in such activities would pose any threat! any ways).

Mr Politicians, we the concerned people do not care about your political debates, and your political fortunes. We care about the sanctity of life that Allah has clearly stated in His speech, the Noble Quran.  Oh Mr. Politicians, all these acts are completely illogical. The common sense based on the countless expert opinion is that the religious fanatics would not attack a religious procession, when the Secular fashion shows and women dressed immorally were being presented in the same City last year with not a single death. Mr. Politicians, we don’t want to see any one die, neither the Muslims being part of the religious procession nor secularists being part of Fahash (immoral) fashion shows. However, we do wonder what kind of threat that is looming, that you guys and your army is fighting in the rugged mountains of North Western region of Pakistan that you call the “Pakistani Taliban”, that you claim that they aim to enforce their radical interpretation of Islam and thus are attacking the entire Nation, yet you fail to clarify the simple logic in the successful fashion shows, and UN Sex Workers workshops and failed peaceful Religious processions, failed peaceful markets, failed peaceful schools, and failed peaceful Mosques and Religious leaders.

Mr. Politicians, what is also illogical in this looming threat propagated by the government of Pakistan, that is getting aid from the United States of America, and loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that the terrorists and extremists who want to dismantle the State of Pakistan (as you claim) either only attack the military headquarters or the peaceful public gatherings and religious institutions and leaders but no Politician of Pakistan has died except the Pashtun Nationalist one. 

This is not the country that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah fought along with Liaqat Ali Khan, envisioned by Allama Iqbal and supported by the Muslim League along with the backing of Ulema. They wanted to see this,

There is nothing that we desire more than to live in peace and let others live in peace and develop our country according to our own lights without outside interference and improve the lot of the common man. [Address to the Officers and men of the 5th Heavy Ack Ack and 6th Light Ack Ack Regiment in Malir, 21st February, 1948.]

So we wonder, what has been done to improve the lot of the common man. Massive corruption in the Public Sector from top to bottom, Land Mafia free to grap any land with impunity, inflation and the shortage of basic food items. No security for a common man and jeeps and trucks for politicians as escort! We are left with no other choice after all these years but to say that Oh Politicians of Pakistan, Have Some Humanity!!


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2 responses to “Have Humanity Oh Politicians of Pakistan

  1. D.I.D.

    Good article. You have successfully put into words the creed of the common man, the creed of peace. Unfortunately, very few politicians or extremists represent the common man. Most of them are obsessed with power, and will betray even their very faith to gain the power they covet so.

    Case in point: The so-called ‘Islamic extremists’ often practice governance in ways that are antithetical to Islam. This is because there leaders are not true Muslims – they are power-mad G*d-less fiends who have used the ignorance of pious tribesmen to provide muscle and rifles in their quest for absolute power.

    Ditto for politicians – they also desire power and the opulance that comes with it, and therefore they will act in a way that benifits them first. Not all politicians are like this, but from what I’ve seen in Pakistan is more than a little disheartening. 😦

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