May 15: Michigan Mosque Open House day declared by the Governor Granholm of Michigan

The Governor Jennifer Granholm of the US state of Michigan, has declared May 15 as the Michigan Mosque Open House day to recognize and appreciate the presence and diversity that that Michigan Muslims bring to the state and the talents that this diverse community contributes. 

“‘The state of Michigan is proud of its cultural diversity and welcomes the opportunity to recognize our Muslim neighbors for their commitment to leadership, dedication to knowledge, and for their rich and fascinating heritage.

Muslims are part of the diverse fabric of the state of Michigan, contributing much to our state with their talents and hard work. I encourage the citizens of this state to learn more about the history of our Muslim residents and their many contributions to our state.” said the Governor.

The MI Mosque Open House day is organized by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan (CIOM). All the mosques in the state will be open for anyone. The citizens of Michigan and the organizations are invited to pay visit to the community Masjid (Mosque) and learn about the Muslims, their religion and culture. The certificate of tribute by the Governor Granholm can be seen at the very end.

Any questions regarding Islam or regarding Muslims that you may have this is the best opportunity to use. Mosques are usually open year round for this purpose but having a day dedicated in an organized way is different since all Mosques of the state will be having programs on the same day.

For more information about the CIOM, please visit their website.

A nice video can be watched at the


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4 responses to “May 15: Michigan Mosque Open House day declared by the Governor Granholm of Michigan

  1. Joe Caringi

    Hi, I was wondering if women in your religion have equal status as a man? They are equal in the Christian faiths. Let me know. Joe

  2. D.I.D.

    This seems to be a refreshing turn of events; a community not quite attuned to its new environment reaching out to its neighbours…

    Sounds like fun.

    • which one is the community and which one is the neighbor?

      This is a very +ve step because even though there have been Open houses for quite some years, yet having a recognized day by the governor to be observed as a day is a very +ve step. Although I didn’t notice much attention from the mainstream media in our state.

      Neverthless its the first step in Michigan, and inshallah mutual trust and partnership will get stronger by time inshallah.

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