Muslims have adopted wrong method to Fight the Evil Facebook Page that urge people to have Draw Muhammad Day on May 20th

Muslims throughout the world have deep respect, love and extreme honor for the last prophet of God, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Islam prohibits drawing pictures of any living being especially of the Prophets of God.

The obnoxious Danish Cartoon drawings of Prophet Muhammad, depicting him as a suicide bomber and other stereotypes and phobias, sparked protests across the world. All of this was done in the name of freedom of press. Some artists have been murdered for the very same reason. All this ended a couple of years ago…

The wounds of the Danish Cartoons were not healed when South Park in its self censored episode showed Muhammad as a Bear. Although it made Muslims disheartened but absolutely no response from the American Muslim community was observed except the radical group called Revolution Muslim, which the Muslim Community has condemned and kicked out of the Mosques, e-mailed a threat of death to the South Park writers. This group comprises of not more than 5 to 10 youth with the unstable and shady background of the founder and the main members. The American Muslims leaders have concluded that these lunatics are more probably agent provocateurs, because the arguments presented by the Revolution Muslim members are against the consensus of the Scholars of Islam, and many of their statements cannot come from a Muslim.

The CNN had a kick out of this, they even called Ayan Hirsi Ali and Anderson Cooper interviewed her without giving the American Muslim community to present their case, thus projecting that Revolution Muslims (those 5 people) represented Islam and Ayan Ali was giving an alternative view.

This was still fresh when the Facebook Page “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day – May 20th, 2010” got the attention of the Muslims. By the starting of this month, I started getting invitation to boycott Facebook and other such pages and groups. Now I have to come to know that in Pakistan, protest have been arranged for May 20th by the Islami Jamiat Talaba Pakistan (can be read in Urdu).

The above evil group comprises of only 4,354 people (as of 11:15 PM of May 18). Now I am here wondering that all this reaction from the Muslim side is on the 4354 nuts!!! These people neither represent America, nor they they represent Christianity or Judaism or any other religion or country!

The favorite pages of the Evil Page includes the Pages of famous Islamophobes- Ayan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders, Wafa Sultan, Jihad Watch, etc.

The reaction of some Muslims in the shape of mass rallies in the streets of Pakistan, having a collective de-activation of the Facebook account, which will have no impact what so ever,  and even the creation of the “Draw and Ridicule Holocaust Day – May 20 2010” is just the wrong way to deal this issue. What Holocaust have to do with those 4354 nut fans? How 90 of Holocaust ridiculer are better than those 4354 Muhammad ridiculer? I was so disgusted that I have reported this group.

There is only one group that has a purpose and is free from the nuts on both sides, the “May 20th: Everybody Introduce Prophet Mohammed Day!” which has at present 5844 fans, more than the people who pretend to ridicule Prophet Muhammad, alhamdolilah (all praise is due to Allah).

What do some Muslims expect to gain from deactivation their Facebook account and/or having rallies in reaction of only 4354 nuts. Shouldn’t Muslims be spending all of their energy, resources, and money on educating the Muslim Youth so that the Muslim Youth starts actually practicing Islam. Prophet Muhammad was physically abused, his companions even faces horrible deaths from tortures unimaginable. But the Messenger of Allah and his companion lived Islam even in those times with good character when abused, and they lived Islam in when they became conquerors and had a chance of revenge!

I think it is mainly because of us Muslims that there is so much confusion and mistrust about Islam. Our youth is living a life of hypocrisy. They are living a life of contradiction, we are living a life of contradiction. Our actions and our speech are two poles apart!

We need to stop worrying about the nuts like 4354. Instead we need to allocate these resources, time money and energy to educate our youth (including ourselves) and live the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Had we lived the noble teachings of Islam, many people would have respected us for our values!

Lets take this as an opportunity, lets learn and educate ourselves about Islam and let us bring a change in our lives towards better. Lets live Islam and show the people around us, that Islam is beautiful not just in mere speeches but in reality and practicality!

Prophet Muhammad is the beloved of Allah, no one can ridicule him, people can only pretend to.

Peace and blessings be on the final prophet and messenger of Allah, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, and on all the prophets and messengers before him. Ameen.

Both Pictures are taken from “May 20th: Everybody Introduce Prophet Mohammed Day!

Added on May 19 1:30 AM

“Another Important aspect that I forgot to mention in my post is that all this reaction is mainly coming from Muslims outside USA, and especially from the Pakistanis.

American Muslims have either ignored it (rightfully) or don’t know about it (makes sense after all 4000 nuts don’t represent anything).”


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28 responses to “Muslims have adopted wrong method to Fight the Evil Facebook Page that urge people to have Draw Muhammad Day on May 20th

  1. nice post
    and i know, so true.
    i dont understand why they(muslims) are retaliating.

    We shouldnt be involving passion and anger.
    We have to do things with hikmah.

    this is nothing new. remember the taif incident, the incident where the woman threw garbage at rsoolAllah sallalahu alyhe wasallam, and other such incidents?

    We have to be the better people inshaAllah.

    • I think Muslims have just become reactionaries. They waste their time in movies, sports and other stuff and when things like this happens they take the easy route- deactivate account, have some protests and rallies, burn some flags, give some hot speeches, and then back to the life of carelessness!

      Nothings changes… and it all happens again after few months.

      We really need to look within ourselves and see what have we done or what are we not doing that is causing all this to happen!!

      May Allah guide us Muslims and everyone else, Ameen.

  2. Another Important aspect that I forgot to mention in my post is that all this reaction is mainly coming from Muslims outside USA, and especially from the Pakistanis.

    American Muslims have either ignored it (rightfully) or don’t know about it (makes sense after all 4000 nuts don’t represent anything).

    • i dont understand our peoples mentality.

      Something like this happens and they put a 100% ban on it.

      Have they noticed the media?

      Why cant they change what is in their control first?
      SubhanAllah- we need proper education on this, ur right about muslims wasting their time on unproductive stuff.

      I was actually talking to those people on the Draw Mo Day page and they were asking me decent questions- i cant even disseminate the truth- courtesy of the Pakistani government.

      Why are our people so ignorant?

      • Moe

        When I see that kind of behavior here in America – usually by the extreme Christians – I attribute their behavior to fear. Their world view is being challenged and that is very unsettling and thus they’re afraid and lash back. In the wrong way of course.

      • @ Moe: Is it really “extreme Christian” ? I think religion has nothing to do with this. The entire Republican Party is cashing votes on immigrants and Muslims, and Tea Party is no better. Just recently one of their leader said about Muslims that they believe in a “Monkey-God.” It made me laugh at his ignorance, didn’t offend me but it does show that all this is political opportunity. America is facing world competition for the first time in every field-China & India in economics, Russia and China in policy making and because Americans are feeling the impact of it in their own lives now they are going against just about everyone- Muslims, Hispanics, “Socialist Obama”, Liberals…

        In Europe it is the Atheists (actually Anti-Theist is a better word e.g Geert Wilders and his type). And the partnership of Anti-Theist and the extreme conservative elements in America i think is also unprecedented in American History. I don’t look at them as Christians (although I have notice that in general American Evangelicals are aggressively campaigning against Islam and Muslims. And yes there are some Evangelicals who are trying to build mutual understanding but they have no impact on policy making, thus presently it is not making any change).

        I think Americans in general (especially these ones) need to look into Islam so that they understand the “threat” and what they are “afraid” of.

        What I am worried is what change is coming in 2012 Presidential Elections!!

      • @ Maryam, Sister this is the problem with Pakistan and Pakistanis. I was just talking about this with my siblings and during the discussion I said that Pakistanis since can’t change their gov, their city even their own town, so to release all that anger and frustration they are going after the easy target via easy route.

        Go after West (in particular America) by protests and rallies.
        The current social chaos in Pakistan and the rising Anti-Americanism need an outlet and it is releasing in this most unproductive and lame way!

        Why are our people so ignorant? I am sorry to say, but we have become this as a nation collectively.

      • Moe

        [the extreme conservative elements in America i think is also unprecedented in American History. ]

        Those people were always there in America – in great numbers in fact. But they were not political. Since the mega “pastors’ emerged and cable TV and talk radio and, elvis help us, “Christian Radio”, they have developed a voice. A common voice. And the Republicans jumped right on this new phenomenon and went after those people as voters. And so the political right and this (mostly) ignorant Christian element joined. And became a power.

        I am secular, so am comforted somewhat that all credible polls show America becoming less religious, not more.

      • you are so right. The TV Pastors did change. And I think its mostly the same religious group is after Muslims. Pat Robertson is very well known. I think it is the same thing that we Muslims are facing, with the media anyone who is eloquent can be a successful leader. And these leaders then usually go against the tradition of their own Faith. The history is that Catholic Church had a problem with Islam (because CC was also in Political power). The Eastern Churches didn’t have that kind of problem with Muslims. Now CC is changing and being more tolerant towards Islam, shedding there centuries old myths and Orient perspective but TV Evangelicals have taken over America. Many of the Radio Hosts are just blunt haters. I read a news report that some Pastor on a radio said that “he would pray God so that Obama dies” and other crazy stuff.

        Its sad that Republican party (GOP) is run by these kinds of racists and bigots now. It has already hurt America much!

  3. Moe

    Maybe you don’t want to give a link to that Draw Muhammed Facebook page? Even though your readers are not likely to friend that page, still it’s publicity.

    And thank you Umer for making it clear that these 4000 plus people are NOT representative of the American people.

  4. Ahmad

    Very nice post, it resonates my thoughts on the current issues. Being currently in Pakistan, I am witnessing, let’s just say, a depressing take on the issues.

    • yes, I am worried about the changing attitude of Pakistanis as well. May Allah help Pakistanis in this social upheaval times and guide them towards the understanding of Islam. Ameen.

      Thank you for your comment Ahmad, I hope you will be a continuous visitor to this blog inshallah.

  5. W

    I couldn’t agree more. It seems we as a community have become so reactionary, only responding to things that happen instead of being proactive and making things happen.

    Before reading this, I hadn’t even heard of that group – which, by the way, is now up to 43,000+ members. I can’t help but think that all the protests and outrage only brought attention to ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’.

    And unfortunately, it looks like those in Pakistan won’t be able to participate in ‘Everybody Introduce Mohammed Day’, at least not on Facebook – I can’t believe they’ve banned it!

    • Where did you get 43,000 from? I can’t find a group with this number (others are mentioning the same #).

      • W

        Oh, you’re right. I was talking about the ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!’ fan page.
        But when I searched for a group of the same name, I could not find it; the only things my search turned up were a bunch of groups in opposition.

  6. xxx

    From Sweden.
    If muslims kill Sweden artists, is it self defense to kill muslims?

    [I have censored you rest of the comment because you have no manners of speaking

    May Allah guide you. – Umer Sultan]

    • Every one has a right to defend his/her life, honor and property and of his loved ones!

      does that answer your question!

      • Lawrence

        xxx- To some degree you are right, but not in every circumstance. If I hit you in the face with all my force and rage am I right. I can call upon all my friends, religious principles, and of the law, but what are the events and principles leading up to the actions that necessitated violence in the first place. You mentioned the right to defend life, honor and loved ones. Personal coice to follow a path has its own variables that can promote or take away from our life. When this choice was taken, did one look at the possibility that dishonor, subjecting another to degradation, the loss of life of a loved one on the otherside of the argument and a whole host of other negative impacts could have happened just to gain recognition or satify monetary greed. These are the root of many of our social inequalities that hinder our societies from truly moving forward out of the basal instincts of neanderthal existence. This group of people could only value self existence and had no comprehension of group and its benefits. I may have a right, but what was my part in its necessity to be in the first place. I do not expect you to agree, but I do ask that you seriously consider it.

  7. Abdul Sattar has written a great article on this issue at Suhaib Webb website:

    “Should we defend our Prophet? Yes. Through teaching people who he was and spreading the Truth. But, It is time for us to stop being so emotionally surprised when Islamophobes insult Islam. They don’t believe in your Prophet. Or your religion. And they don’t like either of them, or you. We should grow up and deal with it.”

    • Lawrence

      I suggest it is time to stop being children and consider utilizing more of the teaching of Islam. I am shocked but not suprised that the word Islamophob would come out of the mouth of one so educated in the teachings of Islam. If only Mohammed was still alive-I wonder how he would react to the childishness of those who follow his teachings. The term you use is utilized by secular Western groups who are losing in their fight. Calling people names accomplishes nothing and shows people that you are weak in your faith. Think about what I have written and then pray for our world. It needs it.

  8. Junaid

    Two days ago, Facebook and Youtube are blocked in Pakistan by all ISPs till 31st May.

    • Yes I came to know about Facebook. I think I respect the Official government stand on this rather than the rallies and protests carried out in the streets and as I said in the post about some silly and unproductive things Muslims (actually Pakistanis) did!

      Please check my newer posts on the same topic.

      Why ban Youtube?

      I just checked news websites and found that they really banned Youtube. I will share my FB status here:

      OKAY Pakistani Government you are comprised of crazy bunch of people. After Facebook you banned Youtube. Wait a minute, you should have banned WordPress and Blogger (people are posting blogs there), and hey wait! you should just ban the Internet…sounds like a good idea! Always have to go just one step further! I really thought Pakistani gov did something constructive, within 24 hrs u brought me to reality! The Key To Power

  9. Pingback: Islamophobia Rising! Heck Wake-up!!! « The Key To Power

  10. Lawrence

    I for one can respect the writer’s view that extremism is not solely based on religion. Many of the modern day extremists utilize just a taste of the regious values in order to infiltrate religiou based grps in the hopes of finding recruits, funding and resources, and a facade of legitimacy. Maybe Muslims are faced with the same issues that American families face ttoday with their youths. In America we find a growing youth base that is disgruntled with the so called status quo of social inequality and dogmas. As a teen I was confronted on all sides (including my parental units that were court ordered), the church (who the dad just happened to be the minister), society, and my immediate peer groups. This is a gooey space, boiling like molten magma that burns us with imprints of the group (good and bad) that we come from (sometimes in abstraction) as we seek was to gather nurture, acceptance and the ability to find a niche that we can take root upon and then start to grow and promote our own separate self identity. Yes, the events that have happened in the past 10 years are atrocities and should be publicly and socially condemmed by both Muslims and Americans. In light of these events and the resulting turmoil that is overtaking our ability to love, accept and foster positive growth in our future generations, we need to look at the basic religious beliefs and social mores to find out how we can bridge this chasm in social inequalities.

    If anyone would like to carry this further please leave an email @ Serious intellectual dialogue only please.

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