Islamophobia Rising! Heck Wake-up!!!

By Umer Sultan


Islamophobia is rising at a very alarming rate in the West and in particular the United States. Niqab bans and Minaret bans in Europe aside, and ignore recent ‘Draw Muhammad Day‘ campaign, there are news and events that do not make it to the global scale or even national level. That, however, does not mean that it can be ignored.

Allow me to provide you with these links. Dates might not be the exact day of incident as I got it from the earliest mentioning online site. Sit tight, hold your hearts for the time has come to keep your naive minds aside:-

Dan Finelli Ad: (on May 5th 2010) Mr Dan Finelli is a Florida Republican, new to the field of Politics. He is running for the 8th District seat and he ran 3 ‘bold’ actually racist and Islamophobe campaign ads. Showing brown person as a terrorist and a white man as a peaceful person! Mr. Finelli showed his ignorance by refusing to acknowledge that the suicide plane attack on an IRS facility in Texas, the shooting of Pentagon guards and the Christian militia plot to kill police officers (arrested in Michigan) were by “Whites.” DON”T STOP here! There is more below!!!

Florida Mosque Bombed: (on May 15, 2010) The FL mosque was bombed and the national media was mute about it!! It was stated by the FBI as a possible Domestic terrorist attack. We know that it wasn’t by accident but the mosque was bombed thus it is an act of terrorism!!! CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) questioned the silence over this act of terrorism but to no avail. However, Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp visited the bombed Islamic Center in support of the Muslim community and the American values.

Sherry Marquez: Meet the councilwoman Sherry Marquez of the City of Lancaster in the state of California. Her anti-Muslim comments are just great. Please also read the statement of the Christian Leaders of the Southern California to Ms. Marquez.

PLZ STAY WITH ME HERE! The following are important too00!!

The Tea Party Leader Says Allah is ‘Monkey God’ :  Just click the link and read, I don’t have much to say. We Muslims believe in the God of Abraham. He needs to learn what Jesus son of Mary called God in Aramaic!

Meet Rick Torres: Mr. Torres is seeking the Republican nomination for Congress in the fourth district of Connecticut. He believes that America is at war with Islam, and that Imams and Mosques should openly condemn Terrorism among many other things. Seems like Mr. Torres like all other Islamophobes, racists, & bigots are living far from the reality. Here is the list of Fatwa (religious verdict or opinion) of Islamic Scholars & that is only one example!

Texas Radio Host says Bomb NY Mosque: Is that not a Terrorist threat yet he is not arrested!! To read further in detail.

New Yorkers Oppose Ground Zero Mosque Proposal: They say remember the 3000 and 9/11–No Mosque. Because they are led to believe that Islam is a threat! and they are led to believe this by many such things that I mentioned above. Not only that but even simple things like the one below!!!

“Sex and the City 2’s” evident Orientalism: Orientalism in the Hollywood is still prevalent in the 21st Century! I would like to quote Laura Russello, a social activist and progressive thinker, who commented at my facebook page:

This was, hands down, the worst movie I”ve ever seen in my entire life. The cliches were terrible, not to mention everything else about it too!

Miss USA is not safe from Islamophobia: I didn’t care about this at all, until I came to know that significant minority of Americans got mad at seeing that an Arab American (Muslim) was chosen to be Miss USA.

Bus ad against ‘Islamization of America’: Personally I would not mind if some people really think that Muslim Apostate’s life are threatened and so they want to provide them with a support group and they were advertising for that. Will it be offending sure! There are many things that I notice around me that is offending to me but I ignore them…Not this though. The problem is the people who are behind this Bus Ad campaign and their ideology. They are not sincere in providing shelter to the threatened Apostates, but they are making a statement that Islam is Evil and threatening. The language of the ad and the comments of the campaigners are self evident. The ads have been on display in the New York City and Miami. They were planned for Detroit bus system, however, at this moment Detriot rejected the ads. Pamella Geller is a Islamophobe and she has made her Islamophobic and racist views about Islam quite explicit! You can also read Illume here.

Professor Glenn Smith of California Western School of Law says, court precedents have shown that the protection of First Amendment rights require Americans to put up with “a lot of unenlightened and objectionable messages.”

Anti-Muslim Bus Ad Campaign: This my friends, hits our hometown Ann Arbor! The Bus ads for Detroit city were rejected and thus the condemnation of the refusal of the regional bus system comes from Ann Arbor!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, especially my Teen and Youth Muslim brothers and sisters (where ever you may are reading from) this is just what my limited energy and time was able to collect. All this has happened just in this month of May, only in the United States and these are the only ones I could collect, when there are certainly more!!

To the Muslim Youth I say Heck Wake Up!!! Educate yourself about your Deen, about Islam, and start practicing it in your lives. Organize yourself and stand for truth and justice. Know about your community, about your politicians. Engage in the community by volunteering and by community I mean The Community, not the community of your Islamic Center!! Heck Wake Up, before this racism and bigotry goes too far, and do not think that it can’t, for the history always has an eagerness to repeat it self!!!

To the readers in general. All this is happening and all this has happened before. These incidents do not represent Christianity, nor does it represent Judaism. So what can we do about these issues and the ones that will be coming in the month of June. The politicization of racism and bigotry will just grow stronger and stronger, unless we do something constructive and productive about it!!!

Any suggestions leave a comment below! and share this post to as many people as possible to raise awareness about Anti-Muslim bigotry and the Islamophobia.

Muslim Observor


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2 responses to “Islamophobia Rising! Heck Wake-up!!!

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  2. D.I.D.

    The world has already seen what petty ethnic hatreds are capable of doing. This must not be repeated! To educate the ignorant is to bring upon them peace of mind; if more people could read what you have written, then Muslims wouldn’t need to fear discrimination any longer.

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