Freedom Flotilla: Humanitarian Aid to Gaza is a Sin and Crime against God

By Umer Sultan

Source: FB Page "Wake Up Muslims"

Israel attacked the aid ship directed towards Gaza, leaving about 19 people dead and 60 wounded. The Israeli Defense Forces used live ammunition on the ship at the unarmed solidarity activists, mostly from Turkey.

The stormed ship (Mavi Marmara) was leading five other aid ships and had solidarity activists, aid leaders, and journalist from different countries aboard. At this moment there is no news as to who is dead and wounded. 2 Pakistani journalists [video] are among those missing and one of them is Talat Hussein from Pakistani AAJ TV, a very critical, outspoken and respected journalist in Pakistan.

Turkey, the long friend of Israel got really ticked off at the military strike by Israel and has pulled Turkish ambassador from Israel. Turkey has also threatened Israel, even with a possibility that Turkey will send more aid ships with the escort of Turkish Navy…you know what that could mean right! Greece has cancelled its joint military exercise. Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said:

“It should be known that we will not stay silent and unresponsive in the face of this inhuman state terror,” Press TV.

President Obama has only this to say:

US President Barack Obama “expressed deep regret at the loss of life in today’s incident, and concern for the wounded” in a phone call to Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister.

“The president also expressed the importance of learning all the facts and circumstances around this morning’s tragic events as soon as possible.” Al Jazeera English

Arab League as usual, called an urgent meeting to have a common response (after over 60 years of occupation they still have to do this!). Egypt, another friend of Israel, is under pressure to lift the blockade of Gaza from its border.

Pakistan is mad too. Politicians and journalists are in outcry and protesters gathered in Islamabad.

As usual, in many parts of the world, people are out in the streets protesting- Boston, Washington, Istanbul, Ankara and probably more protests will be coming who knows.

Attempting to tow a slightly less absurd line of argument was Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev, who told the BBC that the aid convoy was to blame for the violence, because “unfortunately this group were [sic] dead-set on confrontation.” Except, of course, the aid convoy was not going to Israel, but to Gaza (you know, where we’re told Israel’s occupation ended years ago). So, unless Regev wants to suggest that Israel was acting to protect Gazans from a confrontation with the aid convoy, he should come to terms with the obvious fact that it is Israel’s unlawful siege on someone else’s land which is “dead-set on confrontation” with a world that has lost patience for a policy of mass devastation and economic strangulation of an entire people. Wrote Omar Baddar at the Huffingston Post

Israel is on high alert. Hezbollah has said that the Lebanese people on the ships will be considered as hostages…you know what that could mean right!!

Providing Humanitarian Aid to Humans species called Gazan is a crime and thus all those evil people aboard those ships must be brought to the Courts of Israel were they will have 1 choice- Sign a paper saying they will not do anything against the God’s Zion. If  they choose not to, then they will be indicted for their satanic acts!!! Long live the Zion.

On-board video of Gaza Freedom Flotilla storm, aid workers & Israeli troops clash:
[If not found click here]


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9 responses to “Freedom Flotilla: Humanitarian Aid to Gaza is a Sin and Crime against God

  1. im so glad bro that u wrote this alhamdulilah.

    honestly i was waiting for something from you and this was a good read mashaAllah- u were quick.

    As i write this, Jinnah hospital in lahore has been taken over by terrorists from the same friday Qadiyani masjid attack- subhanAllah whats wrong with us human beings?

    Whats wrong with the Pakistani govrenmnet- ive been following the FF news all day today and Zardari sahib is drunk somewhere out there …

    WTH does Obama mean when he said that?

    These people are so cruel, they have no hearts and lol at the Arab league- Shame init?

    Astagfirullah this is insane- im so glad i believe in the Hereafter, if there’s no justice for these poor innocent people here, it will be there inshaAllah.

    plus im still praying for Talat Hussain and the others.

    May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala protect Pakistan, the Muslim ummah and us.


    jazakAllah khayr once again

    asalaam o alykum

    • Well I think Obama excused himself by these words. He didn’t want to condemn Israel, US ally and Friend, and he had to give a statement regarding this. So this is the exactly what he can say!

      I just came to know that terrorists have taken over Jinnah Hospital in Lahore. Do we know it is the same terrorist as those who murdered Qadianis in their place of worship! Wallahu Alam (Allah knows best). It is Terrorist, and they are going it what they have been doing to Pakistanis since 2-3 yrs (is it 2-3 yrs now of this insanity!!).

      Nothing wrong with Pakistani government. You tell me who will get what by blowing up Islamic Scholars, Mosques, Islamic university, schools, markets, and hospitals??? While the corrupt politicians are living a comfortable lives!!! Sadly Pakistanis are paying the price of their actions!!

      You know Prophet Muhammad SAW said which is something like “Do not say bad things to your leaders, for God appoints leaders over you based on your actions.” Pakistanis haven’t done anything that they deserve Mano Salwa! Evidence it that Zardari is the President of the so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistanis should have committed collective suicide rather than having him as a President!!! He is not even worthy of being a Mayor of a City, heck no even a council member!!
      You are right, he is probably drunk!!

      and while this is happening and the world is getting pissed off. and while especially Muslim Countries are in this temporal urgency and Muslims are burning Israeli flags, why no one is burning Egyptian Flags is what I am wondering?? Egypt after has blocked Gaza tooo. Pharoah is amongst us, yet we turn our eyes aside, this is what a normal person call “Hypocrasy” and we my sister are in Abundance of it


  2. [Note] if you like it share it with others 🙂

  3. yea so true

    and im still sad. its like we have everything but nothing. what are we doing- its our fault, we shouldve followed our constitution, the Quran and the Sunnah..

    but it isnt too late…

    par you know, i heard that hadith on a recent funeral- the one that talked about corrupt leaders.

    subhanAllah i will say this again, ive seen people suffering and if we dont use Zardaris name here than is not fair init?

    i mean what are leaders for?

    what happened to our protection, security and wellfare.

    ok what happened to those living below the poverty line.

    they dont have food to eat. hunger kills, theyre not concerned bout the terror attacks are they bro? they just need roti, kapra, makaan hannah [hear hear im not a bhutto fan:serious astagfirullah]- and then education comes next. we have to kill our poverty par kaisey?

    revolution ya evolution? what to do…

    and inshaAllah ill share the article

    • oh btw it was in the news, they said that the attacks on jinnah hospital were by the same people who attcked the worship place of the Qadiyanis.

      casue one of them was admitted there and something like that i guess,

      today im staying away from the tv.

      today will be me and the Quran and contemplation inshaAllah.

      no tv, no news. i need a break from this crasy insane world.

      peace be with you

      • yes I came to know about this. But this issue is being taken way out. Never Qadiani Temple was bombed in the history since they were declared outside Islam for disbelieving in the Holy Quran partially, until this time when the entire country is facing bombs explosions!!

        So what about Majority rights then! Or Ulema rights, or Pakistani rights.
        Pakistani politicians are cowards and dumbs, always pressurized by international elite (well they get paid from them so servant gotta serve the Master 🙂

        & no rights for poor- too bad they don’t belong to the progeny of Zardari, Bhutto, Shareef, and Altaf Bhai! & numerous others…

    • COOL!
      UN security council also gave a statement like this. However, they should have said independent. In all this talk Israel is censoring “Independent” investigation.

      Investigation or no- Gaza is still under seige!

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