Save Yourself from Torture – Ita’at ur Rasul

It is reported from Hazrat Abu Musa Ash’ari said that the Holy Prophet stated:

“The example of myself and this religion with which Allah hath sent me to this world is like that man’s who came to a people and said: ‘I have seen an army with my own eyes and I am an open Warner. Save yourself and achieve salvation.’ Then a group of people trusted him and slowly escaped from there and received salvation. And one group of his people falsified him and passed the night in their own houses. As soon as it was morning, an army pounced upon them, killed them and uprooted them totally. So this is the example of myself and the people who follow the religion brought by me, and it is also an example of those people who disobeyed me and falsified the religion brought by me.”

So before the army of the torturers starts torturing, launching an attack at the time of the agony of death, when no aid might come to dispel it, put up the barricades now and secure the borders, the only method of doing, which is to act upon the Holy Prophet’s auspicious ways. It has been clearly said in the above-mentioned Hadith that the people who obey the Holy Prophet are those who follow the truth which he has brought, and not those who claim verbally but their action is contrary to it.

Source: Ita’at Ur Rasul


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2 responses to “Save Yourself from Torture – Ita’at ur Rasul

  1. The problem is that we (especially Pakistanis) are so emotional that in our conversations, writings, poetry and even duas, we ask Allah to put us in trials so we can prove ourselves the best followers or best Muslims but when Allah put us into those situations we turn our backs. Our leaders, politicians, entire religious sector, poet, writers, civil society, NGOs and common people….all are same.
    This is what Mr. Iftikhar Arif said about twenty five or thirty years ago….وفا کے باب میں کار سخن تمام ہوا
    میر ی زمین پہ اک معرکہ لہو کا بھی ہو
    Now it has been last ten years, we are playing blood-blood….and everybody is praying for peace. Why do we ask Allah to put us in trials first of all, when we can’t face them even at first level.

    But one thing we never do and that is to find an easy way of living for us and for others. That is actual salvation.

  2. SubhanAllah this got me all emo casue we do everything that is contrary to the sunnah- if only we knew…

    jazakAllah khayr for this br. Umer

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