Few Reads about Racism in Hollywood- Prince of Persia and the Last Airbender

I was excited when I came to know that a movie came out on Prince of Persia. I remember that game from my childhood, the setting & characters of the game which looked like eastern…like Persian. The trailer raised my eyebrows. I read few links and understood the problem. I tried explaining some of my friends about my problem with these two movies and so I have decided to post 4 of those reads at my blog.

This Prince is not Persian by Jehanzeb [Muslim Revere]

Whats Wrong with this Picture by Jehanzeb [Muslim Revere]

The Prince of Persia: The Brother is Brown by Jehanzeb [Muslim Reverie]

Gene Luen Yang: Why I Won’t be Watching The Last Airbender Movie by Gene Luen Yang

So spend some time in reading this post and decide for yourself. I was waiting for these movies, but you know I am not dying for it…it’s not worthit. I am proud for who I am by the grace of Allah and if someone thinks that is not good enough then heck I don’t care.


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13 responses to “Few Reads about Racism in Hollywood- Prince of Persia and the Last Airbender

  1. Zainab Jeewanjee

    Very relevant topic: something so rampant, but rarely discussed.

    Thanks for sharing those links and raising the issue.

  2. I thought I would come over here, just long enough to respond to our situation on Moe’s blog. I hope you don’t mind, Sultan. I have limited space to write with, so hang with me.

  3. Okay. I don’t hate Muslims. I fear Sharia Law, and when I hear what those New York extremist groups say, and read what the Koran says, it scares the daylights out of me. The fact that so much European blood has been shed for the freedom of speech, and then Muslims come into the West in massive numbers, and tell us that we can’t speak against their Prophet, really bothers me. Also, I live in Texas. Fort Hood hit very close to home. I don’t totally blame Muslims for these things, though.

  4. If you would have read my past comments on Moe’s blog, you would have a better understanding of how I truly feel. Indeed, I feel that much of what the American Media and the BBC reports as terrorism is actually Muslims fighting back, or retaliating against Zionist oppression. I want more than anything for Muslims and Christians to find a common ground, and this is why…

  5. Isaac and Ishmael were brothers. That means that Christians and Muslims are brothers. Jews, however, are not truly semetic like Arabs, because they are 4th century converts to a cold, dead religion rendered moot by the fulfilment of the Law. Christians are Jewish Puppets. The Jew pulls the strings, and this “war on terror”, is nothing more than genocide. Believe it or not Sultan, this fact does not escape me.

  6. My only problem with Islam is the teachings of the Koran. And I want nothing more than for Muslims and Christians to reach a mutual understanding. Alas, I do not see how this would be possible as long as Christians remain under Jewish/ Zionist control, that is after all, why our people fight.

  7. Please don’t think me to be anti-semetic, Moe has accused me of that before when I have brought this up. Anyway, Muslims and Christians should unite against the true enemy. I read in the Talmud the other day, where it forbids Jews to eat with a Non-Jew. That brought to mind something from my past. I had a hotel room across from a Muslim once. Anyway, that night I, a Christian, had dinner with him in his room. I still remember his smile.

  8. And it makes me sick that Christian puppets are being used to wage war against people like him, by people that look down on us. So anyway, while I obviously have my worries concerning Muslims, I want it to be resolved. I pray that we can resolve it, and Christians and Muslims can unite. Please forgive me for my offensive comments on Moe’s blog. I do know the truth. The End.

  9. Samuel, I don’t understand why you fear the Sharia law? What is in it that is so threatening? Unless of course one knows about it day in and day out from the media, which is always pro-Zionist!

    Sharia are the instructions. There are dietary laws in it, how to pray, deal with family members and relatives, about social life, finance, economic instructions, governance, war and peace.

    If sharia is what people understand the Taliban, then its the fault of the people who put their trust in the Pro-Zionist media. Sharia or Islam has no fault of its own. There are good and bad people everywhere. But media always picks up the story that depicts Sharia as Evil and always ignore (censor) it when it bring good to the society.

    I think if you understand Islam from proper sources, you will know how sharia is a driving force of social change, how it has provided rights that have been recognized not until the 19th century and still not implemented!

    Sharia is a way of life, it condemns exploitations- thus it is a threat to Capitalism, it gives freedom to the people thus it posed threat to occupation during European Imperialism and still gives hope to people under occupation.

    Sharia is not the amputation of hands, and beheadings. These are called Hudood (meaning Limits) and are the laws for criminal offenses under the Sharia Law.

    Western society for centuries viewed East as a backward society and truly believed that my occupying their lands and by spreading the words of Christ the Barbaric people of the East will get civilized. When the Bible was rejected by the Post-Renaissance, the Orientalism did not stop. It is through that lens the West perceives the East, including the Muslim world.

    Jihad, Sharia, Hijab are not the signs of oppression. It is the Orientalists and politicians who gains from creating 5th columns in the society that create a bogus threat and make people afraid.

  10. Christianity and Islam has a long history of cooperation and Islam and Judaism has a long history of cooperation.
    Please read my post:

    I read one of your comments about how Muslim pray with their ass in the air. Peace, cooperation and friendship is not possible if anyone of the 2 sides have no respect for the other.

    Sad thing is that in the Bible it repeatedly mentions how Prophet Abraham and other Prophets of God fell in prostration to God. This is what we Muslims do. We might not do it in the exact same way, but since no one knows that exact same way of Abraham, no one can reject it either. This is how the Final Messenger of God-Muhammad did, and thats how we Muslims do.

    I request you to read “Two Faiths One Banner” by Ian Almond, in which we learn that the history has never been Black and White, Christianity vs. Islam, Muslims vs. Christians.

    In fact, Islam has a respectable status for the people of the Books (Ahl-ul-Kitab)- Jews and Christians. By reading the “Koran” you might learn something that you have never been told about Muslims in the media!

    • Moe

      [Prophet Abraham and other Prophets of God fell in prostration to God.]

      In Catholicism, this tradition has survived among clergy. Also surviving among clergy are the elevation of men over women.

      The laity, or the larger church, do not adhere to these traditions, but their priests and bishops do.

      And by the way, re the movie – there is a long history of using caucasian actors in movies to portray other races. The worst were the movies about Japanese or Chinese with make up used ot alter the eyes. They were almost funnyl.

      I must say, though, that when I look at modern Iranians, I pretty much see caucasians. Is that a correct reading?

      • Some might seem like Caucasian, like some Lebanese do or some people in the northern region of Pakistan. But in general Iranians are “brown” people.

        I think Hollywood need to change its attitude towards the selection of the cast. It is possible if the viewers push it.

  11. I know it was an offensive comment for me to have made. And while I shouldn’t have said it like that, what I find disgusting is not Muslims or praying, but what it represents. My fears. Indeed, I have said things in defense of Muslims in the past on other of Moe’s topics, and been called an anti-semite for it! And Moe is pretty liberal. So, I realize that alot of what I see and hear is Zionist “propaganda”. I am not so arrogant that I won’t admit it if I’m wrong. I guess I’ll just have to look into more.

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