Pakistan’s Northern Regions left devastated after a record breaking Monsoon Rain

By Umer Sultan

Pakistan faced the worst Monsoon Rain which caused floods wiping hundreds of villages for ever, taking hundreds of lives including many that will never be able to make it into the official “death list.” The China-Pakistan road link is disconnected and the city of Peshawar, capital of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province from the rest of the country.

On Saturday, as I was helping my sister cook Halva, she said to me:

“It feels like our lives are very selfish. There are people without homes and food to eat, and look we are making Halva”

I want to remember those people in my prayers. I ask everyone to remember them in your thoughts and prayers as well. If possible, please donate what you can at the Islamic Relief USA– rated 5 Star by Charity Navigator. There are hundreds and thousands of people homeless, jobless, and foodless.

“We are facing the worst-ever natural disaster in our history that has pushed the province almost 50 years back,” said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti.

“2 million need assistance” reported MSNBC, with a death toll of over 1200 people according to the official.

“The level of devastation is so widespread, so large, it is quite possible that in many areas there are damages, there are deaths which may not have been reported,” army spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas said. “Virtually no bridge has been left in Swat. All major and minor bridges have gone, destroyed completely,” reported Telegraph.

Besides this crisis, Dawn reported that

“Pakistan’s meteorological department forecast downpours of up to 200 millimetres in the next two weeks across the northwest, Pakistani-administered Kashmir, the central province of Punjab and Sindh in the south.”

This is going to create hardships for rescue operations and will cause greater problem for those stuck on the roof of their houses hoping for rescue and people who are rescued but are without basic necessities. A glimpse of the devastation can be watched here.

You can view the pictures of the devastation by clicking at my album Pakistan Flood Crises and Devastation

Please watch the displaced people where Islamic Relief is working by clicking here if the video does not appear below!


Pakistani soldiers pass a baby across a watercourse as part of an effort to help homeless people in Taunsa, near Multan, move to a safe location. -BBC

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