Pakistan in crisis after the natural disaster that is worst than Haiti and Tsunami- Update1

Pakistan is facing the worst crisis of its history after Monsoon Rains submerged one-fifth of the country under water.

A mother carries her children through floodwater in Muzaffargarh

By Umer Sultan.

This is Part 2, read Part 1 here.

With about 2,000 dead and estimated 20 Million people affected, more than 3.5 million children are at risk for waterborne diseases, according to the UN officials.

Unless the world responds immediately, more and more of the 3.5 million children affected by the floods will be at risk of contracting deadly water-borne diseases like dysentery, diarrhoea and cholera” said the Executive Director Anthony Lake of the UNICEF.

In the start, the International response was slow but now as the situation keeps getting worst, the international agencies are actively asking for donations. UN rated it as worst then the Tsunami, Haiti, and 2005 South Asian Earthquake.

Maurizio Giuliano, a spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said: “This disaster is worse than the tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and the Haiti earthquake.” The Telegraph reported on August 9th, and now the situation has gotten worst.

The disaster has brought Pakistan to the stage that the government of Pakistan accepted the aid from the archrival India- the pledge of $5 Million included in the 70% of UN’s $460 million aid appeal- while Afghanistan offered $ 1 Million.

While most of this UN’s aid appeal is all pledge and the Pakistani government has asked the United Nations to have this pledge converted to money for the victims, the fact is that the aid agencies on the ground are running out of supplies. The situation is dire, riots are breaking out on food as reported by UK’s Daily Mail and Adnan Ansari, Islamic Relief USA’s Vice President of Programs, wrote in his blog from Pakistan on August 19.

Due to a lack of aid and supplies, security is becoming a major issue. In many places where aid distributions are occurring, riots are breaking out because the amount of aid is so little and goods, inaccessible” wrote Adnan Ansari at the Islamic Relief Blog from Pakistan.

While European Union has boosted its aid to $256 million (200 million euros), the Union stresses on rebuilding the infrastructure, and for right now it is all a pledge for Kristalina Georgieva flew to Pakistan on Monday to assess how to channel the EU’s 200 million euros ($256 million) aid in areas where infrastructure has been destroyed reported the Daily Times of Pakistan on August 22.

In the mean time, “around 10 million people aren’t being provided any food or clean water. At least two million people are homeless” and “3.1 million people in Punjab are in dire need of assistance” wrote Adnan Ansari.

Source: BBC

Aid vs. Destruction

With the unprecedented disaster, the aid at the present scale seems to disappear in the midst of destruction. Anwar Khan, Islamic Relief USA’s Vice President of Fund Development, wrote in his latest post at the Islamic Relief blog dated August 23rd:

The temperature was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and we were fasting. The sweat was not dripping, but flowing off our faces, yet no one from our team complained. We could see destruction all around us and most people waited patiently for hours for their supplies. As we were about to finish distribution, some women from a neighboring village approached us and asked why we had not distributed supplies in their village.

They had not received any aid in three weeks.

While we have all that we need, we want and all the luxuries at our disposal, the least we can do is donate generously, organize fundraising events and send those funds to organizations that are organized and are working on the ground, for example the Islamic Relief.

Battling Flood in Larkana:

Source: Wikipedia "Larkana District"

In the Southern Province of Sindh, the Pakistani navy and army has evacuated the city of Shahdadkot in the district of Larkana located in the NW of Sindh bordering Balochistan Province- about 100,000 residents, in order to create defenses against floods. The government is trying to keep the flood from creating havoc in the city of Larkana by reconstructing the Levee (Dyke) after the erosion of the Dyke due to the floods.

While the Kotri Barrage is at its full capacity and the Pakistani navy has started to evacuate villages, which if flood water overcomes, will flood the 6th largest city of Pakistan and the second largest city of the province of Sindh, Hyderabad.

Organizing Fundraisers:

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Islamic Center of Ann Arbor (also known as the Muslim Community Association) will be having a fundraising on Friday, August 27th and Saturday 28th night.

In Canton, Michigan the Canton Mosque will be having a fundraising at on Sunday the August 29th from 7pm-10pm with the help of Helping Hands (click here for details).

Islamic Relief USA in a partnership with the Al Maghrib Institute will be having an online fundraising on August 28th.

Colleges and Universities will be resuming soon, do a fundraising drive as soon as possible so that more people can get the much needed aid.

Please leave a comment below or e-mail me if you want to organize a fundraiser in Ann Arbor or its vicinity.

Below I have tried to summarize pledges from the international community, while your support is very crucial for providing immediate relief to the people.

Donate online right now at the Islamic Relief, rated 4 star by the US Charity Navigator.

More pictures of the devastation can be seen here. Please share this post with others at whatever social networking website you use, e-mail them. Please donate and raise awareness.

Countries that have pledged:

Saudi Arabia– $105 Million

Japan– $14 Million and rescue Helicopters.

Asian Development Bank– $3 million for emergency relief, and expects to contribute at least $2 billion to recovery efforts during the next two years.

United States– $150 million (£96.2m).

Britain– £60m [which is] nearly $100m dollars.

European Union– $256 million.

India– $5 Million, included in UN’s Aid Appeal.

Afghanistan– $1 Million, included in UN’s Aid Appeal.

China– Sent relief goods worth 50 million yuan (7.4 million U.S. dollars) and will be sending 20 Million yuan relief goods soon.

Kuwait– $10 Million

UAE– A fleet of Chinook helicopters was deployed to help in evacuation, according to the commander of the UAE Armed Force’s Relief Team in Pakistan.

Iran– Will be sending its 6th Cargo today on Tuesday, inshallah.

Many other groups from Middle Eastern countries, like Egypt, and South-East Asian countries, like Malaysia are sending funds through Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan.


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