Video: How to get a free Quran to burn on “Burn Quran Day”

A radical church in Florida, under the leadership of Pastor Terry Jones will be hosting an “International Burn Quran Day” on September 11th, commemorating the death of Americans on 9/11 attacks.

Those who share the values of Pastor Jones and his radical church, and would like to participate in this burning, you must be wondering how you can get the Holy Qura’n?

Well, you can start by watching the video below that provides you an easy way to get a copy of the translation of the Qura’n.

Don’t leave without watching the video below though!!

On the other hand, you can also checkout the links after the video, which will help you receive a Qura’n for FREE.

If the video doesn’t appear, please click here to watch it on Youtube.

If you want to receive a copy of the Qura’n delivered at home you may request it for FREE by checking out this website and choosing the appropriate option.

The best part of these two options (1- from video | 2nd- The link) is that the Quran will be FREE !!

Note: You may watch the interview of CNN’s Rick Sanchez with the Radical PastorRead an article at the Christian Post.

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8 responses to “Video: How to get a free Quran to burn on “Burn Quran Day”

  1. Moe

    Good for you! Sometimes satire is the only way to deal with these clowns – but they’re probably so ignorant they’re impervious to humor above the level of male adolesents.

    I live in FL and I’m just so steaming mad that this thing is happening and worse, that it’s getting attention around the world. I wish local law enforcement could come up with a solid legal way to stop them. There are laws against “incitement to riot” but I don’t know if they’re enforceable against an event until it actually happens.

  2. D.I.D.

    This is turning into quite an explosive thing, but it is great to see that you can make it an object of fun.
    What’s funnier than a church that has proclaimed Islam as “of the devil” – is giving away, for FREE – copies of the Quran!
    Imagine the look on that insane pastor’s face if he is confronted with a long line of Muslims looking for a free holy book! I’d pay to see that.

    LOL, who says Muslims have no sense of humour? 😀

    • People who say that Muslims got no humor, they haven’t met Muslims, plus its a racist statement because it generalizes the entire faith based community.

      A friend of mine just tonight was suggesting that we should have sent all the copies of the Qura’n that are not in good condition to the Radical Pastor to burn…because thats what some Muslims do to avoid the desecration of the old/torn copies of the Quran.

      Muslims do 3 things:

      1] Some burn them

      2] Some throw them in the river or sea- if its loose pages, not the entire books.

      3] Some bury them in mountains for compost. Like in Pakistan, there is a mountain range dedicated to this purpose.

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  5. Allae

    Islam is not about terrorism or explosives, those who believe so have been deluded by modern media, tragedies and extremists who make BAD, and most importantly, FALSE examples of Islam.

    Those who wish to BURN the Qu’ran are no more than ignorant little children who blame on others, yet not on themselves. The reformation was a humiliation and the events that took place were horrific- yet nobody dared protest for the fear of their lives.

    All you wish to do is be hidden in the shadow of the biggest bully in the playground with the most criticising remark- one word for you – COWARDS.

    You have never read the Qu’ran, you know not of what it preaches. Furthermore, the bible and Qu’ran couldn’t be more similar, they both preach of one God, both attributing to ALLAH, MEANING THE ONE AND ONLY GOD.

    Stupid people, earn the right to criticise, then we may take you seriously.

  6. Marwan

    So let them collect all the Qurans in the world and then burn it.The muslim world can produce the very same Quran the very next day .No Problem.
    Can they do this to the Bible.

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