One Nut Pastor That Fooled The World!

So this Pastor Terry Jones in Florida from a church group that was financially and intellectually bankcrupt when announced the “Burn Quran Day” he bacame an instant international figure. Then he called it off to show that he got some leadership! Man got some skills of Public relations…

But lets analyze really quick what just happened by one nut who was blinded in a faith of instant publicity:

– Indonesian President used some harsh language towards US (to appeal its citizens but neverthless).

– Afghans took streets in protest, NATO camp was attacked by mob, a US soldier shot dead an Afghani protestor. All this for total nonesense because of One Nut.

– Mr Imam Feisal Rauf of Cordoba Initiative (aka NYC Cultural Center) according to the Nut Pastor apparently cut a deal with him to move the NYC Cultural Center away from Ground Zero?!?!? Like Seriously !!

– Imam Muhammad Musri, head of the Islamic Society of the Central Florida stood at Pastor Nut’s media conference and said that he feels that the Mosque should not be built near Ground Zero. Interesting because [1st] Its NOT a Mosque, its a freeken Cultural Center. [2nd] A Mosque has been there at that spot for all these years !

– Mr. Nut Pastor Jones can’t even pronounce Imam properly when referring to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (with whom he said he cut a deal). He kept referring to Imam Feisal Rauf as “Iman.” Its like calling Pastor a “Paster” or Rabbi a “Rabbit” Its just PURE Ignorance.

Imam means leader, whereas “Iman” means Faith. But he can at least speak English, does he not know the difference between ‘m‘ & ‘n‘ ??

– And of course its not going to be the last one happening. Question is what will happen the next time Mr Nut Pastor or anyother Nut tries to achieve instant fame by burning the Quran? Will Media give its attention to the fringe groups, and phsycopaths?? Will the Top Commander, Secretary of State, Presidents of various Nations, would speak on the issue, igniting the fame fire?

– Remember I posted a video about how to get a Free Quran to burn! The guy who spoke in that video spoke just like this Nut Pastor Terry Jones! Now that was real authentic video!! Watch both of them and see for yourself.

Frankly speaking all this was simply:

One Nut Pastor That Fooled The World

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5 responses to “One Nut Pastor That Fooled The World!

  1. Moe

    You know who he fooled? He fooled the media into acting their absolute worst. A clown in Florida with such a small congregation he probably couldn’t put together a choir managed to get thier attention and get them all excited. It was awful. And it did damage as that sort of thing always does.

    It got press because it played off hte NY mosque story. Meanwhile, the talking heads barely touch on what is actually happening in Afghanistan or Iraq. Or Pakistan, or Egypt – aaarrrrgggghhh!!!!!!

  2. Lawrence

    First, I feel that I must humbly apologize to all you out there due to the mispronunciation and spelling of my reference to your holiest of texts. This nut as you call him (Most enlightening of terms) is apointed effort of an overly zealous believer that he is doing the work of God. As you mentioned, the Media had a field day with this minute incident that preyed upon those of us that follow the teachings of our perspective faiths. Even if he had burned The Bible or The Quran, he cannot burn the beliefs and the the truths that burn in our hearts and minds. What he did accomplish is that he caste our religions in a negative light and did enflame the Media and many of our believers minds with unholy thoughts that don’t mesh with our religous teachings.

    I have noticed that the site is mainly directed to Youth and How do we moderate their growth in a Modern World and still appeal to their religous beliefs as they find their sense of identity. I will not wite at this time on that subject, but please consider what I say next. How do you think that this techno savvy youngsters view us with all our experiences, knowledge, wealth, and political savvy when we melt down over the words of some “Nut”. Maybe they feel that we are the problem and they have to take matters into their own hands. Imagine a child that is newborn and consider what this child can eat, digest, and gain nourishment for the body. At this time a child consumes milk. Let us consider that this child wants to eat meat or other adult diets. Is this child ready for this experience upon which it want to undertake? We all know the answer to that question, since we have experienced this desire in our own lives. Religon is no different, since upon becoming a believer we must endure the progressive growth into adult belief.
    Please, let us all pray for the “Nut” and please remember that he is a child of God too.

    • W

      Correct me if I am wrong, but are you arguing that the ‘melt-down’ over the Quran-burning issue might push a youth to want to deal with the issue herself (or himself) – and that this would be an undesirable outcome?

      Because, presently, the main idea of your response is a little hard to figure out, so I would appreciate it if you could clarify this a little.

      Thank you.

      • Lawrence

        What I meant was people do need to show some tolerance in life when dealing with extremes. Moderation is a good term, but it does has its limits. In all religous faiths there will always be some who are overzealous in their zeal to do God’s work. All through history there has been abominations performed in the name of God by so called Godly people and/or organizations.
        Muslim’s have the same problem that America has. There are extremes in faith and then there are extremes that go way beyond God’s teachings on both sides of the argument. I do not want our young people becoming inflamed by some nut who is playing a psychological game of trying to bluff to gain what he wants. Some times it is better to watch the mouse immitate a lion and make a fool of himself than exert effort and be wrong yourself in the eyes of God.
        Thanks for asking. These are truly trying times.

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