Focusing on the Muslim Youth

The future of the Muslim Ummah needs to be guided and revived so that when they become the elders, they are equipped with the tools to lead. Some nice post coming soon inshallah…

I will be focusing on the Muslim youth this month inshallah. Some nice articles and post will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

Muslim youth is going through the identity crises. Besides identity crises there are going into extremes. Extremes of secularism where they are Muslim by name or by culture and are opposite to the teachings of Islam in every way or form (May Allah guide me and them)- and on the other side some of the youth are going into the other extreme and that is religious and political extremes where some youth due to the conflict of the predominant Anti-Islamic/Secular culture and the Islamic teachings that they notice they become reactionaries.

Both extremes are dangerous, both of them are based on the lack of knowledge and the understanding of Islam. Both extremes need to be confronted, against both extremes Jihad needs to be waged by the Imams, political leaders, social leaders, elders and the older Muslim youth.

Since the youth is warm-blooded and has a pure heart and mind, they want instant result and get emotional and reactionary to the social issues they face. This requires leadership by elders with wisdom, and it requires a burden of responsibility of seeking Islamic education from authentic sources.

Some nice posts will inshallah be coming, and the first post that was posted regarding reviving the Muslim Youth was the “Somali Boy- A Poem by Brother Awil Jama.”

It starts from us as an individual. We change ourselves by gaining the understanding of Islam. I can’t dream of changing the society if I don’t change myself. We have to start with our selves and then go beyond and as Brother Awil Jama said in his poem that the change is one Du’a away.


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2 responses to “Focusing on the Muslim Youth

  1. Lawrence

    Has anyone considered that evil is persuavive in even the most stictiest of faith bound countries. That evil can utilize each of us in its goals and make us think that we are being Godly in our exertions and sufferings for our faiths. This is much akin to the Crusades (Holy Wars) that set the Anglo-Saxons on the course of spreading and enslaving many to the Dogamas set down by corrupt religious leaders. Many through the ages past have used religion to press forth evil in the name of God in order to control and enslave the social structure of their time frame. At times this is due to the human frailty of the human body and mind and sometimes it is due to disease that ravages the mind. Sometimes it is due to lunacy that arises in all social gatherings. Studies of primates have indicated that they too are plagued with these issues. I call for everyone Muslims, Jews, and Christians to examine their hearts, their belief system, their individual faiths, their goals and contemplate their faiths teachings and PRAY. We may all find that we are not in accordance with our faiths and may have been duped by evil. Please PRAY since our future depends on it.

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