Geelani exposed to be understood!!! [Must Read]

State of Jammu and Kashmir

Below is the article on the recent Freedom Movement in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

By Mehdi Siddique

Before I begin to unveil something, I must tell you who I am so that while you go through this note you won’t fell to doubts and suspicions.

I am Mehdi Siddiquea kashmiri like all of you, someone who is reeling under oppression, undergoing through a terrible state of mind, confused and depressed like all of you. I am a commoner, I just started writing (intensively) after June,11 this year. I don’t have any other means to tell the world that ‘I want the culprits who martyred my innocent brother Tufail Matto (and the 108 that followed) to justice’, but through my writing, so I write, I want those who plunged the honor and dignity of my mothers and sisters leave my land, I want to live free. I want my brothers and sisters to live without any fear and oppression. I dream of an independent Kashmir. I want the oppressors to leave those who brutally killed nearly 100 thousand Kashmiris, those who laid their hand on the dignity of over 9000 of my mothers and sisters, those who continue to crush us and those who will continue to crush us……(I blog at

Ye Qadam Qadam bhadaye, Ye Swad-e- koye Jana

Woh yehin se lout jayain jinhain zindagi ho pyari

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This movement has entered a decisive phase. We have shown remarkable patience and courage. But it is not over yet, so our patience should not wind up. We are the flag-bearers of this movement and we are the inheritors of the blood of our martyrs, we won’t let it go waste.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani

Many agencies and think tanks are keen to instill ‘differences’ in our rows because of obvious reasons, they don’t want this movement to reach its logical end, they want to crush it under their heavy feet, and so they are using every possible measure to achieve their notorious design.

One such move came under spot light, when the Hurriyat leader, popularly known as Qaid-e Inquilab (Leader of Revolution), Syed Ali Shah Geelani made some comments on News-X channel. The government sponsored intelligentsia was looking for such an opportunity, they had it, and they exploited it well.

Quote unquote: ‘Personally i’m in favor of accession to Pakistan, but if people’s verdict is independence, we will go with it. First Priority: All voices say freedom from India, let UNO take over and let people decide after that what they want’ (Geelani to News X).

He categorically mentioned that it was his personal opinion, he didn’t say ‘we are for accession to Pakistan’, he rather said ‘I’, using the words, ‘I personally’. He didn’t even link it with his conglomerate, he didn’t say ‘Tehreek-e-Hurriyat’ or ‘All parties Hurriyat Conference’. Plus he made it clear that ‘We will go with what people decide’. ‘If people decide independence, then we will go for it’.

It should be noted that he has not made this statement for the first time, he is known for his strong stand, from last 20 years he has been saying the same words, he had even said same things with his interview with Press Tv. Nobody objected then? No-one objected him from last 20 years? Why now then? Plus, it should be very clear that He supports what people believe in, he is just ensuring that every option is open. Every option is discussed and debated. But first, let the tyrannical oppressor leave from our land.

The answer is this time, it was the game of government sponsored intelligentsia, we don’t know who they are, but for sure they are present deep in our community. They are in search of such opportunities, and they don’t miss any chance while they have one.

We don’t need  to tell to these government agents anything, they have already made a sell-off of their faith and the blood of martyrs. I am writing this note for those innocent people who got entrapped in the false propagandas, I am sure after realizing the truth they will come back, strong than ever, I know my brothers and sisters very well, I trust them, and I have full faith in them.

I personally witnessed many people speaking the language of biased Indian media saying, who is Geelani, he is not the representative of people of Kashmir (Arnub Goswami), and some using the language of Indian political leaders, Why does Geelani go to Delhi for treatment (L.K.Advani) and some using the language of well known hypocrites, Geelani is person who contested in State Assembly elections thrice, and now that Ex-MLA is telling us to boycott elections and is seeking independence, Some people go on to hold him responsible for the 108 killings!!!!

What Geelani Represents?

Geelani represents the true sentiments of Kashmiri people, that requires no introduction, people have been following him in a vibrant spirit from past 3 months, He stands for an ‘Independent Kashmir’, and says, ‘After India leaves Kashmir, Kashmiris will decide themselves where they want to go’ (i.e, to remain completely independent, or accept Pakistan as a time bound care-taker). People follow him in letter and spirit, his recent strike-call on Monday has openly proved this fact, when government tried their best to bring the students out of their homes, many were threatened, list of absentees was recorded, many teachers were put behind bars, yet people of Kashmir gave a writing on the wall to New-Delhi, we want Aazadi (Freedom) first. The spirit was overwhelming,

‘You killed students, a person, who was going to tuition, you killed an 8 year old kid, you killed many students, now you are saying that you are concerned about our education!’, Kashmiris clearly said.

Yes, Geelani goes to New Delhi for treatment, but does that mean he is fake and is he guilty for that? If going to New Delhi is an offence, if using Indian products and services is an offence, then why are we people using them, we use internet, who provides the connection, a kashmiri company? We use modern gadgets, mobile phones, laptops, Desktops etc where are they assembled, in Kashmir? We use soaps, detergents and all, where are they manufactured? From the rice we eat to the cement our houses are made of, India is there directly or indirectly. So you answer, we pay for all these services, we don’t use these goods all in free, we work day and night and then we use them, correct. That is what Geelani does, he doesn’t use the Delhi based goods and services for free, he pays for each and everything, he has a son, who has to wander around with him, sometimes he has to wait outside a jail and sometimes outside a hospital.

Some people say his jail is ‘Chasmashahi’, what kind of a jail is that, as if they know everything about that jail! okay, that might not be that a bad prison, if some one offers to  give you 10 lakhs you just have to sit in a luxury room for 20 years will you accept?? 

Who is Geelani?

Geelani is a person who lives on a half kidney and a pace-maker, he is over 80 years of age, his son decided to start a Kidney campaign for him earlier. People volunteered like anything, Shahid ul Islam is one person worth mentioning, he is the close associate of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, he said, ‘I will be glad, if my kidney is used for him’. Geelani rejected everyone’s volunteer-ship, ‘I don’t want any kidney, Allah (swt) will keep me alive as long as He wishes’.

And then there are some people, who say Geelani contested elections earlier, yes he did, but why? At that time the entire Pro-freedom group contested elections, they all wanted to raise Kashmir issue through Indian parliament. When Geelani was in State Legislative assembly, He opposed Sheikh Abdullah on every front, saying that ‘you are making a sell-off of kashmir’, but once a bill came in and he supported Sheikh Abdullah in that. That is one simple example, amongst many others which shows that he didn’t oppose anyone just for the sake of opposing but he is a flag bearer of truth and righteousness. Shiekh Abdullah, after that event held a great regard for him.

When Muslim-muttahida mahaaz was formed and today’s entire pro-freedom campus was a part of it. When they contested elections, people voted for them in large numbers, soon after they got calls from high command saying that they won the election. But the ballot boxes were changed soon after , and they were declared losers. Geelani still managed to get a seat in Legislative Assembly, his supporters follwed the ballot boxes and ensured that they are not tampered. But when the Pro-freedom campus realized that they were betrayed and Indian government will never allow them in the assembly, leave alone parliament, armed rebellion broke out, Geelani resigned on moral grounds, after all he is a man of truth and conscience. It was 1989/90

Geelani and the division of Hurriyat Conference

Some people also accuse him for splitting the Hurrayat conference. They should know the background. Hurriyat Conference was based on a constitution, and one of the points mentioned was that, all elections will be boycotted. (only plebiscite under UN will resolve Kashmir issue). After Syed Ali Shah Geelani, when Mirwaiz Umar Farooq became the chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani along with other pro-freedom leaders were jailed, elections were conducted in the mean time. And the irony was that Hurriyat didn’t gave any boycott call! Clearly going against its own very constitution. This reason along with others served as a main tool for the siplitting of Hurriyat.

Syed Ali Shah Geelani led hurriyat came to be known as hardliners, just because they followed the constitution in letter and spirit, let India accept Kashmir as a dispute first, this was also among some postulates of the constitution. While Mirwaiz Umar led hurriyat came to be known as moderate, they believed in flexibilities, talks, round table conferences even when India is not ready to accept Kashmir as a dispute in the first place!!!! (It is only today that they boycotted New-Delhi’s ‘talks’ offer, something which Geelani understood in 1993 they came to understand it now!) 

We can go on sketching the life of this great man and great leader, I am not marketing him, but his ideology, his stand and his righteousness. He never bow down before India, neither to Pakistan (Mushraff’s Kashmir formula serves as a best example, when he completely rejected him, while other pro-freedom campus welcomed his un-even formula). His stand is clear, Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris, let Kashmiris decide the future of Kashmir. Even when he has some opinion, he describes them as entirely ‘personal’ and does not force them at anyone.

‘If majority of people want to stay completely independent, let it be so, if they want to be with Pakistan, let it be so, and even if they want to be with India, let it be so’ he said during his interview with press tv barely some weeks back.

(Read about his short biography at , this was published by a Delhi based magazine, India very well knows the stature of this great man, what has happened to us, kashmiris?)

I don’t want to make you people his hard-core followers, many people will say that I am a blind follower of Geelani, which I am not, I just want to end the false propaganda against a great visionary and leader. Today this tehreek has reached its zenith, please don’t let it down, don’t make a sell-off of martyr’s blood, and please don’t fall to the propaganda of Indian agents, please don’t divide people. OUR FIRST GOAL IS COMPLETE FREEDOM FROM INDIA, and then our nation is mature enough to choose between the options, those who don’t care about our present and those who are killing our children and plundering the honor of our sisters and mothers are asking us that do we want independence of Pakistan, who are they to ask us this question! We want complete independence from tyrannical and oppressive rule of India first, and then the Kashmiri people will decide their future. InshaAllah

P/A: There are some people who say we want complete independence or India, this shows their hypocritical attitude, how can they even think of merging with a nation which is responsible for the brutal death of nearly One lakh Kashmiris, the molestation of over nine thousand kashmiri women, the orphanage of over 100 thousand Kashmiri children and the tears of countless Kashmiri widows? As I said, our goal at this movement is to achieve complete independence from a tyrannical oppressor. We are not in a pursuit of seeking a better life style, jobs and placements. We are creating a revolution. We need to take active part in it, every1 has a role to play. Go on and Fire In!!!!

Shab Guraiza hogi aakhir Jalwa-e- khursheed se,

Ye chaman ma’amoor hoga nagma-e-tawheed se,

phir diloon ko yaad aajaye ga paigam-e-sujood,

phir jabeen khak-harm se aashina hogi.The tide is turning, Allah ta’ala is testing us. Are we patient and courageous enough to take this movement to its logical conclusion?

(please share this article far and wide)



Kashmiris Protesting in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Jan 24, 2010.


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  4. This is a great article, thank you very much for sharing. I myself am of Kashmiri roots and wholly support and admire Geelani Sahab alot. He is an inspiration, the man who couldn’t be bought by either Musharraf or India.
    May Allah bless him with good health and a long life!

    Btw, this blog is quite informative and knowledgeable.

    • Thank you for stopping by, reading it and leaving a comment.

      You may subscribe for future “informative and knowlegaeble” stuff 🙂

      Geelani is the only Hurriyat leader who is consistent with the demands of freedom. May Allah have mercy on him. I just hope the 2 books he authored can be available in English.

  5. Gellani The Iron Man. The man who couldn’t be bought by musharaff or india. He is a true leader of kashmiri poeple. I like his determination we all Pakistani support you.

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