Shame on the Muslim World for their Silence

I have to say this before I say anything else, that this post and what I am about to say will offend many of you (Muslims)! And frankly I really don’t care what you think of me and how offended you get! I just don’t care…

I have said this to some people I know, and mostlty I haven’t receieved a much positive respond. I have been told to stay positive, that I should think positive, that what I say (coming below) creates ill feeling towards other Muslims and that I am being pessimistic, or that I should not judge others. I Strongly Disagree!

So here is what I have to say:

The Silence of Muslims on the issue of Kashmir is just pathetic. There are Human beings dying there, living under occupation for 63 years. How come I don’t see constant Facebook updates on Kashmir like it is done for Palestine?? I am not asking any superficial thing. All one needs is a concern and pain on an issue to be part of raising awareness movement! But nope there ain’t one.

1948, April 21: United Nations Security Council passes a resolution “that the future of the State of Jammu and Kashmir shall be determined in accordance with the will of the people.” After 63 years, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is still calling Azadi Azadi (Freedom Freedom) with a hope that this promise of 1948 will come true.

‎”Indian army in occupied valley is more than the US, Nato and Allied Forces troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan”, adding that India has deployed 60,000 fresh troops in addition to its 800,000 army already deployed there said Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry. But we don’t care about Kashmir, tell me Why?

I tried to find out which Muslim country has issued a statement on the Kashmir issue and only found Iran. NO OTHER Muslim country has issued a statement. No Saudis, No Egyptians, No Palestinians, No Malaysian, No Indonesian, No Turks, No no one else. SHAME ON YOU ALL, SHAME ON YOU ALL MUSLIMS.

Kashmiri Hurriyat (Freedom) Leaders always spoke for the Rights of Palestinians & Palestinian state when ever Israeli government occupied Palestinians. They gave statements even when their own brothers & sisters were facing similar conditions in Kashmir. But interesting how Palestinian leaders have not given any statement what so ever for Kashmir. They don’t even have any “National Interests” to worry about so what stops them then??? and I am suppose to think Positive!!

What is their to think positive? Let me tell you what is there to think Positive:

1] That Muslims around the world don’t know where Kashmir is!

2] That Muslims around the world don’t know anything about the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, infact many even haven’t heard the name “Jammu Kashmir.”

3] That they don’t know that Kashmir is an issue which is older than Palestine. YES!

4] Not a single Muslim country has given a statement of condemnation or a call to end the brute use of force by the Indian occupying forces (except Iran/Pakistan). These 2 don’t count because Iran and Pakistan have always stood for the rights of Kashmiris since 1947.

5] Not a single Muslim nation had a mass rally in support of Kashmiris, this also includes Pakistan. Same cannot be said at any given occasion in the history of Palestine issue since the TV & Internet became a house hold commodity. SHAME on You Muslims, SHAME on You Pakistanis. Is Palestinian life worth more than Kashmiri? If not then whats is the reason?

6] Pakistanis, Oh Yes Pakistanis, they just don’t want to hear anything about Kashmir. Tell them about the oppression in Palestine, and their Muslim sentiment of social justice just gets powered up. Tell them about the oppression in Kashmir, and they say “We need to take care of our country first!” This is called turning your face away from reality. Had Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah have said this in 1930s, there had been no Pakistan today! If you are one of these kind of Pakistani just take a moment and think what I just said!

7] Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) gave a statement in regards to Kashmir, and the most respected Kashmir Hurriyat (freedom) leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani just lambasted that useless statement. He said:

“If the OIC only passes resolution on the situation in Kashmir, it will be like adding insult to our injuries. It is the moral and legal responsibility of the OIC to come to the rescue of Kashmiris. The OIC must snap economic ties with India to show its seriousness.” Greater Kashmir

But that won’t happen because India has a Billion Dollar Industry. Who would want to prefer human lives over billions of dollars in profit right! And I am suppose to be Optimistic about this whole situation!!!

8] Why I haven’t heard any single Candle Light Vigil? any single protest or demonstration in any part of the United States calling for the end of occupation in Kashmir, Plebiscite for the people of Kashmir, asking US government to pressurize India to end its occupation?? And I am not suppose to think this way because it causes ill feelings towards other Muslims.

9] I have been told that the reason the entire Muslim World cares about Palestine is because its a Holy Land. It that is true then thats just pathetic. For me, when I support the Palestinian freedom, it is because I believe that occupying other lands and properties is morally and ethically wrong. Thats the same reason I support the Freedom of Kashmir as per UN Resolution.

I don’t really care about the Holy Land. Land is of no importance to me if this is what Muslim mentality is becoming!  But I think majority of the Muslims don’t think like this, but if I believe my inner voice then why Muslims are flat out ignoring Kashmir?? I don’t think thats Satan whispering either!!

10] Its been really sad over how Pakistanis have been dealing this situation. They have been acting the same way as the rest of the Muslim World. Ignoring the plight of Kashmiris. I remember the mass rallies about which I have read in the news and saw the pictures of, when ever Israel commited atrocities in Palestine. Recalling how Pakistanis have a habit of taking streets for Palestine…Where are the same people for Kashmir? Kashmir is just up North then why so much silence?

In the end its the fight of Kashmiris after all. If they are true to their cause, then they will earn their Freedom Inshalllah (God Willing) regardless of whether Muslim Countries and Muslims support them or not, just like no Muslim Country supported Pakistan and didn’t even recognized it in 1947 until later (except Iran). Just like all the Muslim countries started out by supporting India over Pakistan in 1947 (except Iran), but Pakistan came into being and survivied to this day, Kashmir will get its freedom too.

Kashmiri people are in no need to pathtic statements of Muslim Countries while Muslims around the world feel no pain for the people of Kashmiris and do not raise awareness that one would do when one feels pain regarding some issue.

Kashmiri people are people of strong will. They have survived all these years, and they will fight for their Azadi until they achieve it. The Valley of Paradise will be free from bloodshed and occupation, inshallah.

But me, I would still say that Shame on you Muslims and the Muslim World for your silence on the Occupation and Oppression in Jammu Kashmir.

Most of the content used here are taken from my facebook status updates and comments at my blog’s Facebook Page- The Key To Power.

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3 responses to “Shame on the Muslim World for their Silence

  1. You’re right on spot!
    Have summed up my own sentiments about the issue quite perfectly, it is indeed incensing and surprising when many Pakistanis talk about ‘Saving Pakistan first!’ when it comes to Kashmir. Little realizing, that Kashmir is a part of every Pakistani.
    When it comes to Palestine, there’d be status, vigils, protests and what not – and yet we knowingly ignore the Palestine in making right next to us.

    I wrote a piece on the Valley recently too :

    I would even blame our media for nurturing this attitude, if they give Kashmir as much attention as it deserves – this would have made our people

    Shame on us.

  2. Dev


    Interesting article but as usual taking the microscopic view of things. All i will like to add Kashmir isnt birthright of muslims and for that as with India it does not belong to any religion. Kashmiri Pandits and Sikhs were tortured, massacred and thrown out (half a million and thats a rough estimate)and many people(including muslims) who supported India were murdered in late 80s by kashmiris muslims and ofcourse Pakistan. Well now you guys want to speak to UN as every single soul supporting India has been eliminated. its hypocrisy and jingoistic to plead to muslims.

    • No Kashmir is not the birthright of Muslims, but it is a Birth Right of the people of Kashmir.

      Indian occupying forces have on many occasions, murdered Hindu Pundits and Sikhs, blamed it on “Muslim Militants sponsored by Pakistan” and then the forces attacked Kashmiri towns, broke into the houses, raped women, shot dead men, only to be revealed years later that the graves of those people were near the Indian forces headquarter.

      I mentioned the quote up there from the UN Council and Mr. Nehru promised the free plebiscite to the kashmiris as well.

      Dev, please look beyong the lense of Indian Nationalism and see that there are people who are under occupation. And they are asking for Freedom!!

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