Why are we recognizing Columbus Day? by Dawud Walid

By Dawud Walid| Executive-Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations- Michigan.

I believe in “keepin’ it real,” and I cannot help but question why in the heck are we, in 2010, recognizing Columbus Day in America.

FACT #1: African Muslims reached the Americas prior to Columbus. Columbus even stated in his diary that he spotted a mosque when reaching the so-called New World.

FACT #2: Columbus was not even the first European to have reached America. Ever heard of Leif Ericson who reached the Americas about 500 years before Columbus?

FACT #3: Columbus was trying to reach India; he was LOST when he reached America!

FACT #4: Columbus’ “discovery” in 1492 was sanctioned by the royal family of Spain, the same government that presided over the Spanish Inquisition against Muslims and Jews in 1492.

FACT #5: Columbus’ “discovery” paved the way of European colonial conquest of the Americas and the ethnic cleansing of the Native (not Indian) people.

Based upon these facts especially #5, what were the founders of Columbus Day in America trying to convey?

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6 responses to “Why are we recognizing Columbus Day? by Dawud Walid

  1. Moe

    Columbus Day began in the 1930’s as a Federal holiday, but it’s nonsense of course. And oddly, it’s Italians who are behind the holiday and today’s parades etc.

    So why do we still ‘celebrate’? Because there’s not a politician alive who wants to piss off every Italian in the US.

    • How is this related with Italians? why would Italians get angry?

      • Moe

        That’s why I said ‘oddly’. The journey to America was a Spanish undertaking, but Columbus himself was Italian.

        Also, the European Spanish emmigrated to South America and the Italians came here. So it became an Italian celebration.

  2. Oh I didn’t know that. Thats sad that it became Italian celebration.

    This should end. What is there to be happy about the person who was Lost! and was definitely not the 1st person to reach North America…lol

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