Foreign Policy compiles sites and forums of Internet Radicals

Foreign Policy posted this interesting and alarming link at their website. There are few interesting things that I noticed.

On slide 15, it shows that these Radicals are also on Facebook with “200 fans.” Now if you compare this with other Islamic oriented pages on Facebook that are not that famous and are not affiliated with any famous organizations like Productive Muslim, Islamic Studies have many more fans than this. This is one example that it shows that it’s the small group but is highly organized.

Moreover, many of these people are working on their own by listening radical leaders on YouTube and Internet Forums, creating videos and posting on YouTube that are emotional and arouse people to do something against leadership (foreign and domestic!). The ignorance of Islam (limited or no understanding of Islam) combined with zealousy or political/financial situation of the person or his family all contributes to this radicalism.

Ulema (Muslim Religious Scholars) of Islam have always stood against Radicalism and Extremism. If you want to read a book on this subject (especially for Muslims) read “Islamic Awakening between Rejection and Extremism” by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Leading American Ulema posted their statements in “Standing United Against Terrorism & Al-Qaeda” in Part 1 and Part 2 that I shared at my blog. Muslim community leaders have also spoken against this “Extremist Attacks are not Rooted in Religion.

Watch “Islam vs. Extremism” lecture by Dawud Walid.

While speaking against extremism among Muslims is one way we can deal with this problem, the more effective way is to address the root causes of the issue and try to solve those problems and avoid doing things that aggravate the problem.

Often people use these innovative terminologies invented by Islamophobes in the West- “Islamic Terrorist” “Jihadist.” Media loves these labels and Islamophobes just keep on using it.

 “Never use the terms ‘jihadist’ or ‘mujahedeen’ in conversation to describe the terrorists. … Calling our enemies ‘jihadis’ and their movement a global ‘jihad’ unintentionally legitimizes their actions.”

– “Use the terms ‘violent extremist’ or ‘terrorist.’ Both are widely understood terms that define our enemies appropriately and simultaneously deny them any level of legitimacy.” US Homeland Security Says Don’t Call Terrorists “Islamic”.

What we should also do is listen to the moderate voices and support the Muslim religious and community leaders in their effort to fight extremsim. “The Voices of Mainstream Muslims Need to be Heard” An interview by FP with Geneive Abdo.


On the other hand, the extremism and anti-muslim bigotry and the rising Islamophobia needs to be addressed and countered as well. Anti-Muslim and Islamophobic rhetoric and the usage of labels and words to spread hatred and fear among the populace like Eurabia (read Eurabia Insanity) and Islamization of America is just another serious issue.

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