Nov 2: How Muslims built a bar near a Masjid

By Abdul Malik Mujahid |

Yesterday, I prayed in a Masjid where the leader announced that if you don’t vote you don’t exist. He explained that in his county, laws are being passed which will make it almost impossible for Muslims to build Masjids. The only way to counteract this is by voting.

After his speech, someone who was also listening shared with me how a bar was built in his neighborhood because of Muslim voter apathy. This was in an area with a Masjid.

It started like this: the Muslim community heard about the plan and 40 people decided to approach the alderman of that town for a hearing on this issue. Along with them, 10 others attended in support of the bar.

The alderman asked: “How many of you are citizens?” All of the Muslims except one raised their hands. All 10 of the proponents of the bar raised their hands.

The alderman then asked the Muslims how many of them were registered to vote. Out of the 40, only four raised their hands. When he asked the same of the supporters of the bar, all 10 raised their hands. Seeing this, the alderman explained that while he was sympathetic to the concerns of the Muslim community, they had to understand that in the face of four registered voters versus ten, he would favor the position of the greater number of voters.

And that is how a bar was built in a Masjid neighborhood.

In America we have an opportunity to be counted. But unless we participate we will be ignored. Wars have killed a million-plus Muslims in the last 10 years, created over 10 million new refugees, and literally destroyed the U.S. economy. We are borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from China to fund this effort. However, no one during the election campaign has talked about these facts. Had Muslims joined with fellow Americans who also oppose these wars, we could have made this an election issue.

It may be too late to discuss the fallout of our wars. However, it is still possible to vote. Tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov 2nd), please do so and take your children with you so they watch you exercise the duty of every American citizen. Call like-minded family members, friends, and neighbors and encourage them to do the same.

Tomorrow, vote the warmongers out and stand with those who stand with you.

Do you know what I say?

I say:

Don’t be a slacker, instead be a Voter



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2 responses to “Nov 2: How Muslims built a bar near a Masjid

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  2. I think it is because Muslims all over the world are more attracted to the other way of expressing their opinion and that is to protest violently anything against their faith (meaning sect). Still, they are not trained by their religious or political leaders to discuss how things can be changed effectively. May be because it takes time and our both type of leaders and their followers and the common people are very intolerant and impatient. Most of them think that discussion is a waste of time. Either you should just survive or react at once without understanding the whole situation and the consequences.

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