Muslim Politicians should be like this!

Sultan Hisham bin Abdur Rahman (d. 180 A.H./796 C.E. ) of Al-Andalus (The Muslim Spain) appointed his son, Hakam bin Hisham as his crown prince and took the oath of allegiance for Hakam from the courtiers.

On this occasion, Sultan Hisham said to his son Hakam:

“You must not make any difference between the poor and the rich. Treat your subordinates with kindness but punish any atrocious governor heavily. Keep full control over your forces and see that these forces are used for serving the country not destroying it; fulfill the promises; make every effort to keep your subjects happy for angry peope pose a threat to the stability of the administration.

Never ignore the farmer. Be careful that their crops are not destroyed nor their meadows. Behave well and the people will invoke blessings on you. In the case that you put this advice into practise you will be put in the catergory of the most successful kings.”

Source: The History of Islam Vol.3. By Akbar Shah Najeebabadi. Translated by Safi-ur-Rahman Mubarakpuri. Darussalam, 2001. Pg. 85-86.

So any one of you thinking of going into Politics, Public adminsitration in the Muslim world. Pay heed to these words. These are words of Wisdom by one of the greatest Andulusian Sultan to his son. Applicable today as it was back in 180 A.H. (796 C.E.).

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