Poem: Beautiful Religion

My friend wrote this short but deep poem about the beauty of Religion. If you like it, please share it and leave a comment.

By Izzedine Boozid

My faith; the essence of my being,
Marvelous emotion churning in ones soul,
Close companions a sweet fragrance,
Ones in the distance like coal,

Theology the mother of purpose,
Giving birth to ambition,
Driving force to success,
The object behind the mission,

The fruit of belief is heavenly,
Food for the starving mind,
Time flows in one direction,
You can’t pause and you can’t rewind,

From this earth we were created,
And to it we will return,
Six feet deep and all alone,
There will the wretched burn,

So take heed to your souls hourglass,
Before you reach the sideways eight,
Do what your Lord commands you,
Before it is too late!


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4 responses to “Poem: Beautiful Religion

  1. “There will the wretched burn”

    Apparently differences in opinion of what is beautiful are much wider than I had thought…

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  3. ananomous

    the beauty is that religion saves you from that…

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