Young Muslims don’t seek cheap fatwas!

Many Muslims don’t bother to ask legitimate Scholars in Islam regarding their questions and concerns. Instead they leave their questions on Youtube, Blogs and Facebook. What are you, kids! Grow up. Learn your Deen from the people of knowledge and wisdom. Don’t ask questions from random people and take it as Islam.

Usually the teens and young adults do this. Besides seeking Fatwa (religious opinions) on social networking sites, they ask random people- like a bearded guy or a sister who covers herself because they look “religious” or they ask a person who is very eloquent, gives great speeches.

Since when looking ‘religious’ or eloquence became a path toward achieving knowledge and wisdom of understanding Shariah!

Don’t be shy or afraid of going to a good scholar. Religious scholars are like doctors. You need to go to the most qualified one- one with most knowledge, understanding of Sharia, and that one practises the teachings of Islam himself or herself!

So next time, don’t grab a person on the street who ‘look religious’ or leave your question on social networking sites for a fatwa. Thats just being cheap. Spend your time studing Islam bit by bit from geniune scholar. You will see the change in yourself- a change towards better inshallah.

Yes you should learn from your parents, siblings and good friends. But if they are not the experts in Islam then you should consult a scholar as well. Remember ignorance will not be an excuse in matters that is obligatory for a Muslim to know. When you can graduate from High School, you can certainly know the basics about Islam that is obligatory on each one of us to know!

Also brothers and sisters please don’t give your “religious opinions” either. If you are not a scholar then please don’t act like one! If someone comes to you asking about your opinion whether something is right or wrong to do, tell them to consult a scholar. If it is an immediate thing then give them a right and best suggestion but also ask them to consult a scholar!

PS- You can, however, ask questions on the few Fatwa websites where legitimate scholars give rulings. But it is still best to consult a local scholar so that the cultural aspect can be considered as well!

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May Allah guide us all, Ameen.


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4 responses to “Young Muslims don’t seek cheap fatwas!

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  2. D.I.D.

    This phenomenon is starting to occur in other faiths as well, particularly among the many splinters of Christianity.

    I understand your anger about this. It always infuriates me when people take common ignorance and mistake it for religious instructions. Even worse when people capitalize on others’ ignorance to advance their own agendas.

  3. Zayn

    You have to understand though, the youth of today aren’t comfortable with going to scholars or Imams. If they have especially personal or embarrassing questions, it may be heard for them to go to an Imam, which is why they ask their friends or someone who “looks” religious. There’s nothing wrong with sharing knowledge if you have it, and I agree with you- we shouldn’t be acting like scholars when we clearly aren’t.
    But the youth struggle to sometimes open up to adults for fear of judgement. This is where it becomes necessary for the knowledgable and scholarly people in the society to reach out to all different kinds of people and make them feel free to ask questions and socialize.

    • I totally understand the youth of today being uncomfortable with going to the Scholars to ask their questions or consult them. But much of this is just a perception created in our Muslim societies that projects Scholars as backward or people who have no clue about the world.

      Based on my experience, by the grace of Allah, I have interacted different Scholars and I have always been amazed by their willingness to assist the youth.

      I do understand the fear of being judged! We need to have scholars reaching out to the youth, and we need youth to take a bold step and ask their queries from the Mashaikh!

      May Allah guide us all, Ameen.

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