Young Jews Stand for Justice Against Zionism

The Zionist Lobby has a term for those Jews who stand for justice and against the Zionist racist philosophy, it is termed as “Self-Hating Jews.” Since they can’t call them Anti-Semite, so they call them “Self-Hating Jews.”

But how can you be a Self-Hating Jew? How can there be a Rabbi who loves to follow the teachings of Moses and still hate it? It doesn’t make sense, but for Zionism to live you don’t need sense, in fact you only need the absense of sense for Zionism to exist.

Watch this video below of Young Jews standing up for justice against Netanyahu’s propaganda speech.


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6 responses to “Young Jews Stand for Justice Against Zionism

  1. D.I.D.

    This is good.

    However, I think it might be foolhardy to dismiss Zionism as a monolithic political faction – the only explicit goal of Zionism is the creation and maintenance of the State of Israel. After that, Zionists can be broken down into many camps;

    – the most moderate and generally left-wing Zionists would endorse the creation of a Palestinian state and the retreat of Israel to it’s 1967 borders as a means to create peace. Naturally, this group is quite small.

    – centrist Zionists also would endorse the creation of a Palestinian state but their consensus ends here and many argue where the borders should lie, particularly with regards to Jerusalem. This faction is the second-largest, and it is this territorial argument that recently derailed peace negotiations.

    – centre-right Zionists tend to be sceptical about the creation of any Palestinian state (they tend to insist that any such state must posses a minimum of territory and be demilitarized) and try to maintain a “silent approval” of West-Bank settlements. Sadly, this faction is the largest.

    – right-wing Zionists (such as Netanyahu and his Likud Party) are opposed to the creation of any Palestian state and openly endorse colonisation of the West Bank. This faction is actually one of the smaller ones, but it has maintanied control of the Israelli Knesset by forming coalition agreements with some of the elements of the centre-right Zionists as well as cruelly playing on the fear of Israelis come election time.

    – Far right Zionists are a dangerous group who advocate for the replacement of Israel’s already shaky democracy in favour of theocracy. In addition, they adamently oppose any peace negotiations, call for the Palestinians to be deported and Israel to occupy all of Palestine, and vigorously campaing for military confrontation with Muslims and other “gentiles”. Fortunately, this group is currently a fringe in Israeli politics and is by far the smallest and least popular.

    • I will only talk about the first kind of Zionism that you mentioned. I do recognize the State of Israel because I don’t believe in forcibly expelling people out of thier homes, even though many of the Israeli Cities are X-Palestinian cities and the Israelis are living in the same homes of Palestinians who are living in exile in a diaspora.

      I just don’t understand why Palestinians had to suffer for the crimes of Germany. The State of Israel should have been carved out of Germany. Anyway, since all this has happened there is no possibility of Peace when the majority of the Zionist groups are against the Creation of Palestine, and believe in colonization.

      Not to mention two very strong Zionist Groups, which are the American Right and the Significant part of the Left. Its ironic to have the Speaker of the House proudly claim that his President is Netanyahu and not Barack Obama, and no one cared. How can there be Peace with this kind of Attitude.

      • D.I.D.

        Two wrongs don’t make a right; I entirely agree with you that colonization and eviction does not rectify colonization and eviction.

        Yeah, I don’t understand the original logic either. I think it might have had something to do with the feeling that the Jews could never find peace in Europe after what had happened, and that had a Jewish homeland been carved out of Germany, it would just have invited trouble for the future. Then again, that logic is itself defeated by the notion that the creation of Israel out of Palestine also did only invite trouble in the future.

        I have always wondered how the right wing Zionist groups gained such power in the West. It makes next to no sense for us to affiliate with them as an isolated Israel would be forced to seek peace, yet Western governments continue to support this decades long stalemate.

        The Zionist lobby is far from isolated to America, unfortunately. A weird thing happened here just three weeks ago; both the leaders of the Canadian Conservative government and the Liberal opposition declared their unwavering support for Israel (implying they’ll do it whatever it costs Canada) and attempted to crush Isreali Apartheid Week, claiming it is anti-Semitic. It is strange that so many politicians in the Western world pledge allegiance to a foreign state, would you not agree?

  2. It is not strange at all to see the Conservative and Liberal parties have unconditional support for Israel.
    Israel Lobby is the Strongest lobby in the West and no other Lobby can compete to it. Obama during his campaign clearly stated his support, so did Hillary Clinton, so does Micheal Bloomberg.

    You cannot be a famous American by serving or having a family member/close relative be in the foreign army with the exception of Israel. American Economy is under huge debt because America is waging Israel’s war. Now the Lobby wants Iran invaded, who will be next?

    Americans don’t want to see it, Media purposely doesn’t show it. See Alison Weir’s effort on this Media exposition.

  3. Philip

    I was deeply moved by your actions, and consider it to be a brave act by those of you who participated. Not being Jewish, but having lived with a Jewish family for six years plus, I gained an understanding of the conflict you find yourselves facing. Bravo. It has been a struggle unraveling the whole Israeli Palestinian situation, and as much as I have felt that it is very wrong indeed, I keep thinking of the family I lived with and wanted so much to understand positively, kindly and honourably. Finding your site has given me great hope, and just with my adopted family, I honour you.

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