Hijabi Muslim Women Protest in Yemen and Azerbaijan for their Rights

Umer Sultan|

Women in Islamic headscarves (Hijab/ Niqab/ Burqa) took streets in Azerbaijan on December 10 and in Yemen on December 14 demanding their rights.

These protests didn’t make it to the headlines of the Western Media, well simply because it doesn’t show the “Oppression” of Islam, it doesn’t fit the grand scheme, the grand scenario, you know what I mean!

Protest in Azerbaijan:

In Azerbaijan, a strong Secular State, Muslim women and people in

Source: REUTERS/Turkhan Karimov

hundreds protested in front of the Education Ministry headquarters in Baku, demanding their right to wear Islamic Headscarves in schools.

According to USAID in Azerbaijan:

“By expanding knowledge and awareness of democratic principles and by developing the legal framework to support democratic processes and practices, USAID activities play a critical role in laying the foundation for true democracy.”

“Since its inception USAID assistance in Azerbaijan has totalled over $300 million dollars.  We are committed to working in partnership with the Government of Azerbaijan to help the country make the best use of its energy resources, strengthen its secular democracy, and improve the lives of Azerbaijani people.” USAID Website

In other words, one of many key functions of the US Aid to Azerbaijan is to establish a Strong Secular Democracy. Just wondering is this the reason that the Secular State restricts women from wearing their Islamic Headscarves even when the women wholeheartedly choose to??

Protests in Yemen:

Niqabi (face veiled) teachers of the Public Schools protested outside the parliament in the capital, Sanaa, demanding pay rise.

“Yemeni teacher receive about YR 45,000 ($ 200) a month, so they always have been demanding for years the Yemeni government to raise their salaries, but their requests are not met up to now.” al-Sahwah in August 2010

REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah. From Muslim Observor

No report regarding these events in the U.S. Media. At CNN, Fox News & MSNBC, the only news pertaining Yemen is that “Yemen is more of a threat than Pakistan,” that Yemen needs to do more against terrorism etc. As far as Azerbaijan is concerned, so Wikileaks report regarding Iran and Azerbaijan.

Are Muslim Women only relevant news when they are oppressed by religious fanatics or by cultural traditions and not when they are oppressed by the Secular Governments supported by the U.S. Aid and the Government? Just like the Muslim Government should not force the women to wear headscarves, shouldn’t the Human Rights and Women Rights NGOs speak on the issue of Secular Governments oppressing women by banning them from wearing Islamic Headscarves and under-paying them!!!

The banner reads: "The legal demands for teachers." REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah. From Muslim Observor


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