Insight into Imam Abu Hanifa: Learn, Respect, & Defend the Imam of the East and the West

Many people now a days attack and slander Imam Abu Hanifa rahimullah. The video below is one that will hopefully enlighten you towards him. Regardless of what Fiqh you follow and what Imam you follow, as followers of Ahl-Sunnah Wal-Jamaah we need to respect all the Imams, and respect the differences of opinions between them.

Please watch this video by Shaykh Zahir Mahmood from As-Suffa Institute, inshallah it will be very beneficial.


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5 responses to “Insight into Imam Abu Hanifa: Learn, Respect, & Defend the Imam of the East and the West

  1. abdullah

    Actually, I am not a servent of Imam Abu Hanifa, I am a servent of Allah. I will write some more in an hour or so.

    • No one is saying that be a servant of Imam Abu Hanifa.

      We all are ought to be the Servants of Allah.

      But we all are following someone’s opinion from the past. Some follow the fiqh of Abu Hanifa, others follow Imam Malik, Shafee and Imam Hanbal. Other may follow Sheikh Albani or others. But you are following someone’s opinion, & that doesn’t make you his servant!!

  2. abdullah

    What Mufti Muhammad bin Adam al Kawthari, Zaahir Mahmoud, etc. would like you to think is that there is no greater scholar than Imam Abu Hanifah Rahimahullah . I quote from Zaahir Mahmoud:
    “and from this pure marriage came forth Imam Abu Hanifah. The imam of the east and the west… he was the imam of the rich and the poor, the imam of the scholars and the kings. Hundreds of thousands of scholars have belonged to the Fiqh of imam Abu Hanifah, many of them were hafidh al Hadeeth. They knew a hundred thousand Hadeeth with the train of transmission by heart, and whose Fiqh did they belong to? They belonged to the Fiqh of imam Abu Hanifah rahimahullah… he was the imam of the scholars and he was the imam of the kings, he was the imams of billions of people. Billions of people belong to the Fiqh of imam Abu Hanifah rahimahullah”
    It would be great if he could provide names of his students that were Huffadh in Hadeeth. As for Imam Abu Hanifah himself, then he was weak in Hadeeth. He used to mix up the texts and the chains. Imam Ibn Abdul Barr said in at Tamheed: “he has bad memory according to the people of Hadeeth” Imam Bukhari said : “I asked Abdullah ibn Zubayr Al Humaydi about Abu Hanifah and he said : A man who has not with him Sunan of the Prophet nor from his companions in manasik and other, how can he be trusted in Ahkam of Allah in inheritance, Zakah, Salah and other things of Islam” ( Tarikh Sagheer p 156). Shaykh Muhammad Nasiruddeen Al Albaanee said: “Abu Haneefah for he, despite his excellence in fiqh, the Imaams have declared him weak for his poor memorization” Imam Al bukharee also said in tareekh al Kabeer, “they have remained silent about him.” Al-Haafidh ibn Katheer says in ‘Mukhatasar Uloom al-Hadeeth’ [pg. 118], “if al-Bukhaaree says about a a man, ‘they have remained silent about him’ or ‘he has a problem’ then he is in the lowest and worst levels with him – but he is mild in his use of terms of criticism so know this.” ibn Hibbaan said, “…Hadeeth was not his field. He reported one hundred and thirty musnad ahaadeeth and no more, erring in one hundred and twenty either through reversing the isnaads or changing the text without knowing. Therefore when his errors outweigh that which he is correct in it is deserving to leave depending upon him in narrations. This is clear proof that imam Abu Hanifah is certainly not an authority in the field of Hadeeth. Actually there is not a single Hadeeth from Imam Abu Haneefah Rahimahullah in the Kuttub as Sittah (Bukharee, Muslim,Abu Daawood, Trimidhi, Naasaai, and Ibn majah)!

    • You are soo Right, Imam Abu Hanifa was so weak in memorization and weak in Hadith and can’t be trusted as the authority of Islam that other Imams of his time didn’t correct him and told him such!!

      Its okay to have diversity of opinion, but we should be careful when we talk about the Ulema of the Past, especially those who were among the Tabieen and Taba Tabieen.

      • abdullah

        Thank for agreeing with me : )
        I think that you are missing my point Akhee Umer. I am not trying to put imam Abu Hanifah Rahimahullah down, becasue he was a great imam, may allah have mercy upon him and forgive his mistakes. what I am trying to show is that this Zaahir is very incorrect in his statement.
        There are many statements from his contemporarys regarding him, including Sufyan ath Thowree and sufyan ibn uyaynah. for example:

        Al-Khateeb narrated in his “Tarikh” (v 13 p 507) from Muhammad ibn Yusuf ibn Waqid Faryabi:
        “I heard Sufyan forbidding sitting in the Majlis of Abu Hanifah and the people of Ray”
        There are many other statments for the other imams of hadeeth regarding the weakness of imam Abu Hanifah in Narration. I will List some of the scholars of hadeeth that said he was weak. Imams: Ahmed bin Hanbal, Bukahree, Muslim, Al Humaydee, Maalik, ibn Abdul bar, ibn Hibban, Daraqutnee, Sufyan bin Uyainah, Sufyan ath Thowri, Nasai’, Al Marwazee, Al Awzaai, Ash Shafiee, ibn hajr, Adh Dhahabee, Yahya ibn Maeen, Ibn Shaaheen, ibn abee Hatim, Al Hakim, al Qurubee Ibn Adee, as well as others.
        There is a principle in ilm al Hadeeth that says that the jarh (criticism) takes precedence over ta’deel (praise). This is an agreed upon principle!
        Any how All i am trying to show was that he was not a Haafidh in hadeeth, may allah have mercy upon him.

        May Allah Guide us all to the stright path
        Your Brother in islam

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