Getting out of the Sex Trade and Modern Slavery

“These stories are of success, struggles, and an eye opener for us all.”

The Talk of the Nation of the NPR News aired two programs today “Getting off the Streets and Out of the Sex Trade” and “Human Trafficking in U.S.”

As a Muslim I always looked badly towards Prostitution and Human Trafficking but I never realized how severe the things are. Talks on such issues are almost nonexistent in the Muslim communities, at least the ones that I have been in contact.

These stories are of success, struggles, and an eye opener for us all.

Why Am I Posting This??

I am posting this at my blog because I want this issue to get broader attention, especially to the American Muslims. Too many times, we hear Muslims talking about things that are wrong in “American Culture” for example “Womanization” “Sexualization”, but how often does the Muslim Community talk about the solutions? I am posting this for that- to get the topic into the discussion.

I think this is a national issue, and we shouldn’t be in any illusion that it won’t affect our communities! Because the same thought was prevalent until the American Muslim youth got hit by Drugs and Street Life!

To the parents, activists, concerned citizens, and social workers, who should be inform in order to have a hope that they will act for a better future and stable societies.

Listen to “Getting off the Streets and Out of the Sex Trade”

Listen to “Ambassador CdeBaca Combats Sex Trafficking in U.S.”

Link for other shows at Talk of the Nation.



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2 responses to “Getting out of the Sex Trade and Modern Slavery

  1. Moe

    Hey umer: It’s always been my own belief that most prostitutes are themselves victims – of poverty, abuse, homelessness etc. There are some who actually do it for the money, but I think they are the distinct minority.

    Good for you – this stuff needs discussion if we are ever to do anything to change it – in the Muslim world and in the fundamentalist Christian world as well.

    Of course, prostitution is as old as mankind and will never go away, but we have a moral obligation to protect those who are forced into it by abusers or cirumstances.

  2. Documentary – “Slavery: A Global Investigation” explores about modern day slavery which is a serious problem globally. Slavery is officially banned internationally by all countries, yet despite this, in the world today there are more slaves now than ever before. In the 400 years of the slave trade, around 13 million people were shipped from Africa. Today there are an estimated 27 million slaves – people paid no money, locked away and controlled by violence.

    To watch please visit –

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