Quick Update

1] Hello everyone, so I changed my blog’s title from “The Key to Power” to “The Sultan’s Corner” I think that reflect’s more about this blog now after about 4 years of blogging.

2] Also I will try to post some nice photos shots that I took. Would welcome comments and healthy critique. Right now I am just wondering how I can make sure that those pictures are not used by other people. I am trying to have my name Photoshop in their. I am not a graphic designer, so its a little hard for me. Got any suggestions regarding it, please leave a comment below (or e-mail me).

3] I haven’t been writing much lately because my schedule has gotten way too busy.

4] I will try to post an audio lecture by Sheikh Moataz al-Hallak on the freedom, whether there is an Absolute Freedom or not, What is the meaning of Freedom?, What Islam says the meaning of Freedom is, and what the actual freedom is. Because of my busy schedule, I haven’t been able to even start working on it. Ah! Inshallah I will sooner than later.

Need lots of your Du’a. You can still follow me at Facebook and Twitter.

Peace be onto you.


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2 responses to “Quick Update

  1. Moe

    Quick question umer – why do you want to protect the photos from being used (unless they’re personal or something). Photos picked up by others can drive traffic at your site. Just a thought.

  2. I didn’t realize that the pictures can drive traffic. They are not personal pictures, but I would like to have my name in the pictures so that if some body uses them, people can see who owns the Pictures.

    Thanks for the helpful suggestions.

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