Bio of Pakistani Woman Judge Khalida Rashid Khan

Born on 25 September 1949, Judge Khalida Rashid Khan started in 1974 her career as a civil judge in Peshawar, Pakistan.

In 1978, she was promoted as senior civil judge in Peshawar. From 1981 to 1982 she worked as special judge in the anti-corruption in Peshawar and Hazara Division.

She was later appointed Deputy Secretary in the Law Department of the Government of NWFP (North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan). In 1994, Judge Rashid Khan was promoted Judge at the High Court of Peshawar, becoming the first Pakistani woman ever appointed to that position. She was also the first woman in Pakistan to be appointed as District and Sessions Judge.

Judge Khalida Rashid Khan has participated in several international conferences and meetings. Judge Khan obtained a Master’s degree in Law in 1969 and a M.A. in Political sciences in 1973.

She was appointed to the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda (ICTR) by UN General Secretary Kofi Annan, from 7 July 2003 to 24 May 2007. Judge Khan served as a Vice President since May 2007 until 27 May 2011, where she was appointed as the President of the ICTR.

Source: United Nations 2003 and Tribune

Also watch a video about another Muslim woman judge, Judge Khulood Al-Faqih.

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