[Absolute Freedom vs. Servitude] in Islam by Shaykh Moataz Al-Hallak

Here is the Friday Khutbah (sermon) of May 06, 2011 at the Islamic Center of Ann Arbor by Shaykh Moataz Al-Hallak.

This is the second khutbah on the topic of Hurriyah (Freedom). I missed recording the first one 😦

However, inshallah (God willing) soon the rest will be uploaded and posted.

Below the video are the key highlights of the sermon.

Click here if the video is missing.


– Freedom is a divine gift, and it is a right.

– Islam asserts that the freedom is the basis of worship.

– Without freedom there is no dignity, there is no happiness.

Absolute Freedom?

– Question: Is there Absolute Freedom? Or are there some constraint to the freedom?

– From Islamic perspective: Freedom is not absolute, it is not chaotic, it is balanced and measured.

– Absolute Freedom only exist in the mind of some philosopher, it does not exist in the planet Earth.

– You cannot say “I am free and I can kill anyone”

– Humans are social by nature, they tend to live and interact with each other. The norm is to live in communities and societies.

– It is impossible to have Absolute Freedom if you live with other people. If you live at some planet alone, then you can go ahead do whatever you want.

– Islam’s freedom is given to everyone. The fact that it is given to everyone, necessitates there are restraints.

– In Islam, individual freedom doesn’t contradict with society’s freedom. It balances the right of the society’s freedom and of individual’s.

– We are talking about Freedom in the season of freedom.

– We have learnt that there is no Absolute Freedom in Islam or in any other free society.

– Now, all free people agree there cannot be Absolute Freedom. This restriction is either going to be done by people or by Allah Ta’ala.

– We know we don’t have choice but to have constraints. The choice is either this constraint come from people or from Allah Ta’ala. From creation or from the Creator, from someone whose knowledge is limited and finite, or someone whose knowledge is infinite and someone who say “Who knows what He has created” [Noble Qur’an].

– “Who is more beautiful in His judgment than Allah Ta’ala.” [Noble Qur’an].


– In Islam, ‘Uboodiyyah- servitude, our obligation to Allah Ta’ala is what constitutes the basis of freedom, is the constraint of freedom.

– In this people experience the true sense of freedom.

– There are certain forms of slavery that are hidden like slavery to Shaitaan (Satan), Hawa (personal whims & desires).

– It is the Mercy that is the basis of freedom. Allah Ta’ala has summed up “We have not sent you but Mercy to the Worlds” [Noble Qur’an].

– There is nothing more honorable than being the slave to Allah Ta’ala. Audio mentions how Allah honors His servants.

– Dear brothers and sisters, we are humans and we are created in such a fashion to glorify something, to submit to something and the choice is not to live without any type of enslavement, rather to choose the only right enslavement. That is to be enslaved to Allah Rabul’alameen.

– Otherwise, one will slave to anything that captivates his heart to which he yields completely.

– In a Hadith, Messenger of Allah talks about different forms of enslavement like- Dirham, Dinar, money, and other forms of enslavement.

– The true sense of freedom cannot be attainted without submitting to Allah .

– Those who think by setting themselves free from the constraint of the Deen they are free, they need to think again. Because by doing so they are descending to the very low level in which they are accepting to be slaved to Shaitaan (Satan), to their own Hawa (personal whims & desires).

– Freedom in Islam doesn’t mean to establish a gambling night club, to spread corruption. Our aim is not to get rid of corruption in the government and start a government that runs on corruption. It is very important to understand that.

– Rather the true sense of freedom is when we abide by the Laws of Allah.


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