Brown Guy + Beard = Terrorist

What do you call a Brown Guy with a Beard??

If you have read my blog post that I wrote last year on January 11th 2011, then you would know the story and the answer. Not much has changed since then except in the person who was name calling. If you missed it then the link is given at the end.

So this teacher asked me smilingly “Are you from Saudi Arabia?” in a class full with students.

I asked him smilingly “Are you serious, do I look like an Arab? You should know that.”

He responded “I don’t know- Saudia Arabia or Afghanistan.

Me: “Are you kidding me, just because of the beard.”

Teacher: “Well you have this beard and you look like Bin Laden.”

Me: “Woah are you serious, this is soo stereotypical.”

A student: “If it was someone else this would be considered racist but since you (teacher) are saying it, so it is not.”

Me: “This is soo stereotypical.”

Yes this time it was a Muslim from a South Asian Muslim country who named called me in the class full with people.

Then he started talking about that anyone can have a beard. My question is why would you pass out such comments then.

So Stupid. Him being a South Asian should know this that Arab (& Africans) normally don’t write the name Umer with letter ‘U,’ instead, they write with ‘O’ as in Omar? Also he have had many Saudi students in his class before (he mentioned that later) then he should be totally familiar with people with Saudi facial features and of that of his part of the world, i.e. South Asian.

!!Why there is soo much stupidity!!

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I wrote about the first such incident related to the beard on January 11th 2011 [What Do You Call A Brown Guy With A Beard?] and today again it happened on January 18th 2012.

While Muslims focus on fighting anti-Islamic sentiments in other communities, we need to have a separate campaign to target our own communities and societies infested with Secularism, Anti-Shariah and Anti-Sunnah mindset.

Will there be any such group, I wonder! For ideas click here. Until the next Beard Attack, this is a reminder to our community activists in the West and in the East that much of our focus should be outreach within our communities, otherwise, our own people can become back-stabbers.

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21 responses to “Brown Guy + Beard = Terrorist

  1. Moe

    Ahh, but Umer – I’m sure for the ladies at least, the real question is “is it a nice beard”?

    Hope you’re well and I too hate stereotyping – it often comes from the ignorant and is revealing of their own ignorance.

  2. I stopped shaving for health reasons. I was getting ingrown hairs and skin infections. Guess “natural” is always best.

  3. D.I.D.

    There is no point in being offended by the ignorant, friend. We cannot stop it because we cannot help ourselves when we say something that we clearly know very little about.

    Your tale reminds me of a story that my mother told me when I was just finishing high school. My mom is a nurse, and at her workplace there are many doctors and nurses whom are recent immigrants or workers on visas. One such person was a very tall yet generally shy fellow from Iran. When she asked him where he was from, (he answered “Iran”, of course) a chatty nurse known for thoughtless outbursts asked – get ready for this 😉 – “that’s one of those Arab countries, isn’t it?”

    Naturally, the good – and very proudly Persian – doctor was young during the Iran-Iraq war, and his response was more or less what chickenhawks galore are accusing Iran itself of doing: he went totally ballistic.

    I think one of the problems is that knowledge of religions aside from Christianity and Judaism is spotty in the West, and with what little most know of Islam they generally identify it with the society that it started in – the Arabs. While it is odd to see a response like that from another Muslim, that sort of response is common among Westerners whom either have not learned more about the world or simply don’t have the time or the drive to do so.

    Welcome back, BTW 😀

    • DID it baffles me as to how much people are ignorant of the world they live in. People are upto date on which celebrity got laid with whom and who is marrying whom or getting a divorce but they don’t know and don’t really care to know the region where the American men and women are fighting and dying.
      I can clearly understand why that Iranian would go ballistic. Iranians are people proud of their heritage (thats a good thing, as we all are) the next thing you want is to call them Arabs.
      I mean which American would like to be called Canadian and which Canadian be called American. Even though there is much similarity between the two if when compared with Arab and Persian.
      I mean all it takes is simple Google search and some Wiki page readings to get a simple introduction to people, culture and countries different from you. Not the most accurate resource but it is still better than staying dumb.

      Glad to have your comment, it always appreciated.

  4. One problem is the lack of in-depth media coverage, not only of Islam but of almost all serious topics and issues. Here in New Zealand, television was much better in the 1970s, when we had only one channel – Channel One. When Channel Two came along and screened non-stop trash, Channel One had to start screening trash to remain competitive. Since then, more channels have been created, but there is almost nothing worth watching.

    • Alan I have stopped watching TV. It is easiest way to stay ignorant while thinking that you are learning a lot.
      You watch news programs after another but in reality you think you have learned a lot but not really. Not to mention other non-sense and stupid shows that are desgined to keep people busy (or entertained as they call it) so that people stop thinking for themselves and differentiate facts from fiction.

      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

      • Ditto the print media. A few years ago, when GWB effectively scrapped habeas corpus, I went to my news editor (I worked in daily newspaper journalism until recently) and asked her why we hadn’t reported this momentous action, which undermined the basis of our civilization since Magna Carta. Her reply: “Nothing has come over the wire” (from the news agencies). Some days later, we did run the news – as a one-paragraph item in the “briefs” column. But on the same day, we would have carried several pages of sports news, horse-racing commentary and other mind-numbing puff.

  5. Moe

    Guys, I think here in America we allow ourselves to be distracted from what’s important by bright and ‘shiny things’. TV news, other than PBS, is realy just entertainment. A network newscast these days will devote maybe 20-30 words – that’s ‘words’, not seconds – to an important international story and follow it with the latest celebrity gossip or some viral youtube video that ten million people have already seen.

    It suits the emerging oligarchs in this country – and much of Europe – to have a docile and ignorant citizenry. And these are the same people who own media.

    We’ve seen this movie before.

    • Can anyone tell me why newsreaders insist on pronouncing “Islam” as “IZZlam” and “Islamist” as “IZZlamist”? Other pronunciations I hate are “MUZZlim”, in place of “Muslim”, and “HARRam”, in place of “haram”. Even the BBC World Service does this sort of thing.

      • Moe

        Well Alan, I’ve been sitting here saying Islam out loud and indeed it almost sounds like there’s a “Z” in there. Not quite, but almost. Something about the ‘is’ followed by a consonant.

      • It’s the way they put the emphasis on the first syllable, and clip the second syllable, that is wrong. The correct pronunciation, in my opinion, is No 1 at Notice that it’s a long “a”, as in “Islaam”.

      • Moe

        Ahhh. Now I see what you mean. Emphasis can be everything.

      • Alan the right pronunciation is [a long “a”, as in “Islaam”] you are correct.

        Newscasters mostly do this on purpose but what is even worst is the usage of the terms “Islamic terrorists” “Islamic Radicals” and such terms.

        The corporations own the news channels-TV, Print, and Magazines and they have an agenda (purpose) for it.

        For example, Rupert Murdoch owned media outlets have been the most anti-Muslim, anti-Islamic news channels. Fox News and WSJ were part of Murdoch empire. This doesn’t mean the NYTimes or CNN or BBC is any better. Such empires have news channels all over the world, including Australia and I don’t doubt if they have part of it in New Zealand as well.

        It is brainwashing and Moe said:
        “It suits the emerging oligarchs in this country – and much of Europe – to have a docile and ignorant citizenry.”

  6. My paper was part of the Murdoch empire until it was sold to Fairfax Media of Australia. In 2004, when I was editing the world news page, I heard that my bosses were “very unhappy” with my performance. Apparently, I was running “too many stories about Iraq”. Can you believe It? The insurgency was getting underway, the place was coming apart at the seams, and I was running too many stories about it! Later, they shifted me to the sports pages, despite the fact I didn’t know the difference between netball and basketball.

    In the 1960s, when I was working for a Japanese newspaper, I saw the same kind of censorship. The day after Saigon police chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan summarily executed a Viet Cong officer in the street, we ran a picture of the atrocity in the first edition of the paper. But it was removed from all subsequent editions, presumably because it showed the American-backed regime in a bad light.

  7. Sorry, that should read “Fairfax Media”.

  8. dawudwalid

    You are absolutely correct!

  9. This is completely off the topic, but yesterday, while listening to the BBC World Service, I heard British Foreign Secretary William Hague say: “We have no quarrel with the Iranian people.”

    Someone once pointed out that these words have almost always been followed by war.

  10. Brown Man with Black Beard

    As a young brown man with a beard living in America, I reject your hypotheses. The teacher was justified in asking you what nation you hail from. You should not have been offended by the question. Are you ashamed? You sound ashamed.

    • So where did I say I am ashamed of who I am??

      May be you didn’t read the article in full. I suggest to read it in full with full concentration.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  11. As a white (or pink?) man with a beard, I’m rarely asked where I come from. And of course, it never occurs to anyone that I might be a Muslim. They simply can’t imagine anyone like me wearing the ihram and performing tawaf and sa’y. It’s beyond their comprehension.

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