Does Pakistan deserves the blood, corruption and lawlessness?? [Updated May 4th]

By Umer Sultan | [Updated May 4th 2010.]

A very important question is that does Pakistan deserves the blood, chaos and lawlessness that it is facing? I do think this question is a very valid question, however, I do not think that I or anyone else for that matter is the right person to say Yes or No.

Although, there are some points to be pointed out and much needed reminders hoping that it might be of some help for the Pakistanis.

In Pakistan people are tired of their politicians. They curse their politicians because of their incompetency and corruption. However, they do not look into the mirror.

The Individual Attitude:

– The fruit seller is corrupt in selling fruits and vegetables. They will rip you off by using misleading weights. Even though Allah has clearly prohibited such practices in the Qur’an in clear terms. [17:34-35, 83: 1-4 see the explanation of these verses from Mufassireen.]

– The cloth seller swears by God that the cloth is of high quality and he lies using the name of God. All Pakistanis know this when they go for shopping the cloth.

– The milk man sells milk claiming it is pure, yet it is a common knowledge that their is more water in it than the milk it self. Moreover, the water added is not often clean either. The research study by the University of Cambridge stated “Pakistanis are drinking white poison in the shape of packed and unpacked milk” as reported by the Dawn News in 2010, and a video by Dunya News in Urdu.

– To get a business contract you have to bribe or else starve your family. [Look here for the Survival Guide, yes there is even such a thing for Pakistanis! Click here, even though these are not practical.]

– To get paid after you finish your contract, you have to bribe or else ruin your family. [Complete disregard of the command of the Prophet to pay the wage of the labor before his sweat from work drys! For evidence of such Hadith of the Prophet ask any Muhadith or Faqih]. Question then remains, how one would earn a Halaal earning when one has to bribe to get a contract and to get paid for the work? It becomes hard to nearly impossible.

– To get something done in the local public office, you must bribe lest you are willing to dedicate a week of humiliating visits and even then you might not get your thing done. These are the public servants and they are you or your neighbors, or your relatives.

– At airport the luggage people professionally show that your luggage is overweight. Either you pay unjust fine which is huge or bribe the middle man for a lower price to get out of Pakistan.

– You are a boss and you need to hire people. You hire people of your race, language and family no matter how incompetent they are. While the hard working person remains unemployed.

– Your application to a Public University gets denied, so you go to your ethnic nationalist party and ask them to put some pressure on the university. Your party sends a list of names that they want University to admit. If the administrator denies, he gets shot dead in the street and forgotten. The tradition however continues…

– The university is suppose to be the place where knowledge is learned and ideas are shared and discussed, but it becomes a place where students show their superiority based on their language and ethnicity over other, get into fights and become the tools of riots and lawlessness. These are you, your friends, your neighbors or your relatives.

Encouraging Cults:

– The Maulvi in the local Masjid unable to feed his family builds a small Madrasa (possibly on an occupied land) brings orphans from his village who otherwise would have no future. Maulvi asks for donations for orphan students and together their lives prosper. Maulvi after a decade sells off the masjid and madrasa to a religious party and packs his bags and disappears from the community. The Masjid and Madrasa now becomes the propaganda outlet for the party for its political and religious agenda.

You gave donations to him and his Madrasa thinking that some orphans will learn reading and writing and will get fed. But you also supported the status quo that you yourself didn’t like.

Nation Collectively Has Lost It’s Decency:

The nation in general has lost the sense of morality, dignity and decency, especially the youth. Although I do not consider Fox News a worthy news organization to cite, but the nation gave enough reasons for the Fox News administration to have their cheers. Of course they had this party only because the Google stated after analyzing its search engine, which Pakistanis used, that Pakistan was the top country in searching for Pornographic content.

For those who are faithful to the conspiracy theories and believe that the Google has a hidden agenda to bash Islam and Muslims and the “Islamic Republic” then let me provide you some moments of truth, given if you are seeking the truth! For starters watch the video below that summarizes all such content (video contains music to make it dramatic if one doesn’t think the topic to be).

Pakistani youth has lost the sense of morality to such an extent that they have no shame in posting pictures of girls on Pakistani Facebook Pages and others commenting on her looks, something they would protest had their blood sister’s picture were to be posted. Two such examples are here and here. You can read the comments yourself. While the page also shares Islamic oriented content and at times “conservative” or politically “Right Wing” content, but this is precisely the oxymoron the nation is living and making a laughing stock out of itself. This contradictory lives will only doom Pakistan further, unless people become true to their claims and show it by practice in their lives by entering Islam fully.

I will say that in 2004 or 2005 in Rainbow Center in Karachi, a hub of CDs and DVDs piracy industry, when I was walking with my friend in our youthful days, before entering the building, a shop keeper came outside his shop and called us towards him saying something like “I got what you guys are looking for, come into the shop.” I didn’t fully understand what he was inviting us towards but suddenly it occurred to both of us and we stared at each other surprised. We told him that we are not at the Center for such stuff. Who knew that it was a very lucrative business. Us two teens certainly had no clue back then.

The women that are engulfed into prostitution are not out of choice but out of desperation. One might ask what is such desperation that will make a women turn to prostitution. One should only seek Allah’s refuge from such desperation for it is beyond our understanding. The stories of such women are unbearable and shocking. You may watch one such interview in Urdu from BBC Urdu. Their are more shocking videos and stories than this. Exploitation of the kids in labor force as sexual objects is also happening. The women rights NGO’s are only concerned with their propaganda agenda, defending certain minorities in order to seek international funding, at the expense of real national issues faced by women from all back grounds.

All this of course didn’t happen over night. The nation has been addicted to the promiscuous Indian Bollywood films for decades, even worst the local Pathan and Punjabi films are as much sexually provocative as the Bollywood films, but the nation always ignored such presence despite of sexually provocative cinema advertisements of the movies. Those who opposed such indecency were ridiculed by name calls such as ‘religious fanatics’ and ‘hard -liners’ back in old days when Islam and Muslims were not branded Terrorists.


There is hard to find a Muslim and there is a hard to find a Pakistani. Every one associates oneself with their ethnicity, language or their sect. A sectarian violence is referred to as the Radicalization of Pakistani society, however, the racial or ethnic violence has nothing to do with Radicalization or Terrorism. A double standard is clearly evident in the political and social rhetoric of the nation. The victim in this double standard is Islam and the accusers call themselves Muslims.

Everyone wants to carve out a portion of Pakistan in the name of their ethnicity and language, calling their ethnic brethren towards the ethnic nationalism which the Messenger of Allah declared it to be the practice of Jahiliyyah (Pre-Islamic Ignorance). Yet such anarchist and fascist ideology is the bedrock of politics in Pakistan. Just about all the major political parties are based on ethnic nationalism, only a couple are based on principles.

Islam Bashing Syndrome:

Seeking Islamic Knowledge is considered for the losers in general. Adhering to the teachings of Allah and His Messenger is considered for “backward people” while the enlightened modernists championing the cause of “moderation” make everything permissible that which is prohibited in Islam.

Some others are seeking “knowledge” to call themselves as having certified in Islamic Studies but Islam is absent from their evident lives. Knowledge that which is not seen in practice is useless as the traditional Scholars say before they start teaching. There are plenty of pseudo scholars in Pakistan acting as Mujtahid and Scholars (‘Alim). Even worst, these so called Bachelors and Masters holders in Islamic Studies are pointing fingers at the actual recognized Scholars in Islam based on some little Arabic they learned. No names mentioned to keep the conversation civil. We can see this phenomenon pretty much common at many Pakistani Social Network and Media outlets. Everyone has their own interpretation of Islam when none of them have studied the traditional Islamic Sciences. For some reason when we need medical health, we go to the best doctor but when it comes to the issue of the Deen of Allah we grab any person with a beard and ask what is his opinion on Islam.

Those who adhere to Islam, and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (way of the Prophet) are ridiculed, and made fun off for “taking Islam too seriously” and are stamped with all kinds of labels like, Conservative, Fanatic, Extremist and now the trend is calling them “Wahabi” (whatever that may mean). These are curse words that the society uses to make you feel ashamed and when they are challenged, they loose their cool.

Moment of Reflection:

So you be the judge whether Pakistan is reaping what it sowed or not. As far as some of the elders are concerned, they foresaw this coming based on the attitude and direction of the people heading. Society has clearly moved from the recitation of the Qur’an echoing from the houses to the streets and alleys to the society where fahash advertisement and music is the order of the day, day and night.

As Muslims, it is our belief that everything that we do, there is a consequence in this life or the next. When a nation as a whole, however, adopts a way of life in contradiction to the laws and commands of Allah, there is consequence of it that the nation has to pay if it does not change its ways.

When corruption and exploitation is sown, the corruption and exploitation is harvested. When people are unjust to those under them in their family and business, then they reap the same from those who are above them. It is the cause and effect law of Allah, that can be witnessed and learned from the teachings of the Prophet. America is not a cause of such chaos, nor are the Jews or the Zionist or the Christians or the Hindus or the Indians, and if you are so persistent in having them in the equation, then they can only be considered as the means through which Allah is bringing His Justice because the cause of the problem can be witnessed in the mirror. If anyone wants to see a better Pakistan, then one must change oneself first and foremost, in that is the solution and not in Anti-Islamic rhetoric nor in the Anti-American rhetoric or in the so-called Pakistani Nationalism.

“We were the lowliest of people but Allah gave us might and glory through Islam. If we seek glory through other than what Allah gave us glory through, He will abase us (again).” 

Umar ibn Al-Khattab, Second Khalifa of Muslims.


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9 responses to “Does Pakistan deserves the blood, corruption and lawlessness?? [Updated May 4th]

  1. maxamud

    thank you so much for posing this. i made some what connection with some of your points here. point #1 “individual attitude” same story goes in somalia where people are not being fair with each other. and how the word “wallah” became so easy to convince people. i would say this word became more like a business-word that we use to make the it happen for whatever we’re selling and that’s huge problem. point #2, “nationalism” i have this many times in Somalia and it really bothers me seeing over and over every time i heard or witness it. i hope people go back to them self and correct all their behaviors and most of all treat each other with fairness and honesty. jazakallahu kharan brother for posting this.

    • Jazakallah Khayr brother Maxamud for your comments.

      When it comes to drawing similarities between Pakistan and Somalia, the society has a lot in common. The only major different is that Pakistan as a state has not reached the level of civil war as that of Somalia, but at present it contains just about all the things that can make it to be like Somalia.

      In my conversations with people, I have said this which has offended many Pakistanis, but I am glad to know that I am not the only one. Someone from Somali background can also see this.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Anjaan

    Trust me, Pakistan totally deserves it …….. ! Pakistan’s decades of evil, to bleed India with thousand cuts, will not go unpunished.

    • Thanks Anjaan for stopping by. As I said in the starting of my post, that no one can say Yes or No to whether Pakistan deserves it or not.

      Also lets not blame Pakistan “to bleed India with thousand cuts” as India has not left any opportunity to go buy to strike overtly or covertly at Pakistan. Also do remember that India still have Kashmir under Occupation, also lets not forget Gujrat Massacre, Babri Masjid incidents in India, and assistance to Baloch insurgency in Pakistan. Anyway, these are political issues above both of us pay grade, and is irrelevant to what we can do and should do to bring peace in this world.

      I can write another post about all the social practices that is prevalent in Indian society that are equally repressive. We should focus on those social problems in India and Pakistan and solve them. Military might of both countries with nuked facing each others, has not made both societies any better.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you would participate in future posts as well.

  3. Umer, i will like to share one example of nationalism, the impending doom over Pakistan.
    I was coming out of the mosque one day after Juma prayers in Gulistan-e-Johar , Karachi when a boy of about 15 or 16 years handed me a pamphlet. i was shocked to read it. it was open letter to muhajirs from some muhajir community and it said that we, the muhajir have been suppressed all these years. we will nor be quiet anymore, these sindhi peopl have killed us and our rights. join us to fight against these people.
    just imagine the hatred being spread.

    • This is exactly what the Last Messenger of Allah warned his companions about in the Hadith mentioned in the post and called this hatred the sign of Jahiliyyah, making it clear to his Sahaba that such call is not part of Islam, in fact Islam came to put an end to this.

      It’s really sad.

  4. D.I.D.

    This is a difficult topic to approach, and to tackle it with such vigor, great job Umer.

    There isn’t a society on Earth that doesn’t deserve punishment as well as blessings; but Pakistan certainly has seen little blessing and much punishment.

    As an outsider, (pardon my most probable ignorance) and from my humble perspective, part of Pakistan’s problems stem from history manifesting itself in the minds of contemporaries. I’m glad you took the conspiracy theorists to task for their paranoid delusions of how the whole world is conspiring to destroy Pakistan, but is it possible that the conspiracy theorists, the militarists, the social narcissim, the corruption and swindling et al is a byproduct of Pakistan’s unfortunate history?

    The West’s and India’s records with Pakistan are far from ideal. Okay, that’s a big understatement – they are both malicious and terrible, and in many instances (drones) are flat out murderous. Decades of hatred, propaganda and warfare have their effects. India and the West may not be the cause of everything that is wrong with and in Pakistan, but they can be reasonably blamed for a great deal of that country’s hardship, so it has become incredibly easy for angry Pakistanis to blame outsiders for all of the country’s problems. This leads to nothing being done, because from every part of society – from the corrupt political bosses all the way down to the corrupt shop keeper – everyone can blame their own failures on some vast external conspiracy. This narcissim in turn would explain a rise in ethnic nationalism, because when people blame someone else for their problems, they tend to adopt a dangerous and negative group-think whereas the ‘in-group’ are the people they most associate to be ‘like’ themselves, however arbitrary that may be.

    As for ethnic nationalism, it has caused nothing but misery for any society that endulges it. I miss civic nationalism — the belief in citizenship and maybe a common history and heritage, as opposed to borderline fascist ethnic nationalism based on patently absurd notions of “blood” “race” and “volk”. Never throughout human history has isolating whole societies from each other based on such abstract paramators done any good, and Pakistan faces enough problems already without the worry of political disintigration into four or so selfish “ethnic” nation-states.

    • You analysis is correct. The History certainly has a role in what is happening today but I think it is not major though. What is happening today is more because of the policies and decisions made during Musharraf’s era, after the 9/11 attacks.
      Things were never same after that, and seems like it will never be.

  5. D.I.D.

    Sorry for this extremely long-winded reply, but there is something else that worries me.

    Pakistan today is eeriely similar to Germany in the 1930’s.

    Rising ethnic nationalism and ultranationalism, immense disillusionment with the political establishment, widespread corruption, an army with political leverage, a powerful neighbouring rival (substitute ‘India’ for ‘France’), poor economy, mass poverty and misery… Pakistan shares all of these with Germany before the NSDAP came to power.

    This is a very dangerous situation. Like you said, the universe seems to be governed by a law of cause and effect. Whether it is God’s will or something else I cannot say, but I am afraid that something just terrible is going to come out of this when the time comes for the balance to correct itself.

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