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“Muslim Youth Start Studying Early: Don’t be an ignorant shaykh” said Urwah ibn Al-Zaubayr

It is reported that Hisham bin ‘Urwah said, reporting from his father, ‘Urwah bin Al-Zubayr – Allah have mercy on him, “He used to say to us when we were youths, ‘Why do you not


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Focusing on the Muslim Youth

The future of the Muslim Ummah needs to be guided and revived so that when they become the elders, they are equipped with the tools to lead. Some nice post coming soon inshallah… I will be focusing on the Muslim youth this … Continue reading


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“Muslim Girl- The Plight of Sisters” by Awil Jama

Here is another poem by my friend Awil Jama. Many people liked his previous poem that I shared at my blog as a part of the Reviving the Muslim Youth series, which is here “Somali Boy.” Much of what Awil … Continue reading

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Muslims have adopted wrong method to Fight the Evil Facebook Page that urge people to have Draw Muhammad Day on May 20th

Muslims throughout the world have deep respect, love and extreme honor for the last prophet of God, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Islam prohibits drawing pictures of any living being especially of the Prophets of God. The obnoxious Danish Cartoon drawings … Continue reading


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Alleged Christian Terrorists said to Target American Muslims

By Juan Cole FBI raids on the Hutaree Christian militia brought to light this formerly little-known group based in Adrian, Michigan. Unlike the generally secular white supremacist organizations, Hutaree are explicitly Christians. Many seem to be millenarians, expecting the end … Continue reading

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Study: Threat of Muslim-American Terrorism in U.S. exaggerated-CNN

(CNN) — The terrorist threat posed by radicalized Muslim- Americans has been exaggerated, according to a study released Wednesday by researchers at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A small number of Muslim-Americans have undergone … Continue reading

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Muslim 500 – A Listing of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World

An amazing book has been released entitled “The 500 Most Influential Muslims-2009.” Its the first edition and chiefly edited by American Professor John Esposito and Professor Ibrahim Kalin along with other editors and scholars. Its available online for free and … Continue reading

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10 ways to make your Masjid teen-friendly

“Muslim teens, those who we rely on to keep Islam going after the older generation is gone, cannot and will not participate unless we make a strong effort to not only organize programs for them, but really make an effort … Continue reading

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“Ramadan Resolution Mr. Devilish” by Awil Jama

Featuring Brother Awil Jama for the 3rd time, inshallah (God willing) it will be a beneficial reminder for me and other Muslim Youth. See below to check out his other featured poems. Also check a Ramadan advice from a Shaykh. … Continue reading


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Getting out of the Sex Trade and Modern Slavery

“These stories are of success, struggles, and an eye opener for us all.” The Talk of the Nation of the NPR News aired two programs today “Getting off the Streets and Out of the Sex Trade” and “Human Trafficking in U.S.” … Continue reading


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