This blog is now closed. I have moved.

All the views here in this blog are mine. They neither represent any organization that I volunteer for, or any company that I work for.

Any thing that is good is from God’s guidance, and anything that is bad is because of me in this blog.

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19 responses to “About

  1. mashaAllah.

    i like your blogsite alot. jazakAllah.
    for now, ive added it to my blogroll, as well as subsribed to it.

    im a Pakistani too, and you are so right, unless you dont live abroad, you dont really appreciate the significance of your country.

    i have been studying Iqbal nowadays and it has changed my perspective about alot of things really alhamdulilah.

    subhanAllah, this blog world is amazing, you get to meet the best of the Muslims mashaAllah.

    i pray that Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa gives you all good both in this world and the next, and that He makes you successful in whatever good you do ameen.

    • Its good that you are study Allama Iqbal. I am not a poetry person so I get hard time understanding his awesome poems. But I am working on it. He is so deep.

      this blog world is amazing, you get to meet the best of the Muslims mashaAllah.

      we get to meet good people indeed 🙂

  2. asalaam o alykum 🙂
    well i dont really understand him, like the urdu is really hard, but my granddad simplifies it for me alhamdulilah.im currently reading the english versions, but theyre not that deep… although they are still impeccable.i love his ideology-subhanAllah.

    here are some of the adapted articles on Iqbal.


    if you plan to study him indepth, please lemme know, i would recommend some books inshaAllah..

  3. yes please do share Allama Iqbal with me and if I find anything I might send you the link as well, if that is okay with you.

    You have got my e-mail address from my comments on your blog. You may send me directly to tht emal.

    Jazakallah Sister

  4. yes that would be great inshaAllah brother.
    jazakAllah for your time.

    peace be with you.

    asalaam o alykum wr wb

  5. Moe

    Umer – I’m glad to have found you and your voice which is so important to me as an American. I’m going to subscribe and I know your writing will help my own knowledge of what’s going on – especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    By the way, it’s nice to see that you link to ‘social justice’ sites. An underreported and hugely important aspect of this world we all share.

  6. oh jazakAllah khayr bro,
    i just noticed, u added me to ur blogroll
    thanks 🙂

    • lol I was trying to find you in my blogroll section and couldn’t find you and then I realize…ooops…I didn’t add it.

      I am just very lazy to update it, there are dozens that I want included. I just spend so much of my time in other online stuff, including writing here that i rarely get chance to update it.
      I am glad you noticed it. Jazakallah

  7. Thank you my brother Umer Sultan

  8. abdullah

    Assalamualaikum, nice blog!

  9. Nice to know your presence in the blogging world.I hope we would have a good time together.

    Best regards

  10. asqfish

    ASA, I thought you may already know this but it is always good to refresh the memory of where the line begins;

  11. Alssalam alikom brothe Umar,
    Thanks brother Umar for your efforts.
    I really like your blogger. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Haajirah


    You should check out http://www.cucumberr.wordpress.com. It’s an awesome blog, mA!

    • Walaikum Assalam,

      Yes Sami’na Wa Ata’na is a very nice blog. I am following it, very nice posts and very consistence. Jazakallah for reminding 🙂

      I hope you liked your stay at my little corner.


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