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BP Slick Covers Dolphins and Whales

BP Oil spill will haunt us for years to come. Most possibly many of us will forget within 5 years about the impact this oil spill has created and would create for many years to come. Why do we do this to the nature? Why don’t our governments take strong measures to get off the oil addiction? Why do they not try to make renewable energy the base of the energy? How many similar oil spills do we need? How many birds, whales, dolphins, and countless marine lives have to get affected for our addiction on the oil?

Check the album of the affected wild life.

If the video below is not working please click here.

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The Eurabia Insanity

Below is a link to a fellow blogger from Canada who wrote this great article on rising Islamophobia and the Eurabia myth.

Its a good read.


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Anti-Toyota Propaganda and the Amnesty for GM! Is it a Propaganda?

A sign assuring customers the car has not been affected by the recall is displayed on a 2010 Camry at Bay Ridge Toyota in New York, on Feb. 4, 2010. (AP / Seth Wenig)

Every year, auto industries have a recall. Sometimes for some part, and sometimes for some electronic problem in a particular model. Foreign or domestic, it is a standard in the auto industry. However, recently Toyota, the most famous and trustful auto company across the world got a major hit for some accelerator problem, that led to the major scrutiny of the company.

News on Toyota was everyday thing on all news mediums from TV channels to newspapers and radios, everyone was discussing the safety of the public and what it means for the future of the company Some said that it was the US propaganda to use the problem and the recall of Toyota cars in order to divert the sale from Toyota towards US auto companies. Others said that foriegn products are low quality and only US can have good quality, and this incident will make Americans realize to buy American! Was this a propaganda or not, I don’t know lets see::

Apart from the politicians and media rhetoric, the readers will be astonished to know that recall is a very common thing in the auto industry, the massive auto recall by Toyota not only started in 2009 but it was massive back in 2006 as well!! I will try to summarize some of the stats below:

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My Encounter of a Kid Researcher

Few days back I went to a branch Library of Ann Arbor District Library. Busy within my own world of thoughts, I suddenly saw a family friend, Uncle “M.” He has been here in US certainly over 2 decade now (came from Pakistan). So we started having a brief conversation, which went a little like this:

Me: Assalam-o-Alaikum (peace be on you) Uncle M, how are you?

Uncle M: Good Alhamdolilah, how are you?

Me: I am good. What are you doing here?

Uncle M: Just sitting here and waiting. Came here for him (pointing towards his son)

Son walks pass me saying to his father that he needed to print something. I glanced over the stack of books in front of him and asked

Me: What is he doing?

Uncle M: He is researching. He has a paper, so he is working on that paper.

I had this sarcastic laugh, which came out naturally and said “Haha he is researching! He is in class of what like 5 or 6 and he is researching. Back home our high school graduates don’t even do that!”

Uncle M: He just kept his smile on the face, like not willing to say anything in the Library.

And then we exchanged hal aur ahwal (asking about each other familes) and I left.

I studied my k-10 education back in Karachi, Pakistan. I went through the Cambridge System too (just O Levels). Research, I didn’t know how to do it until I came to US and had to write spontaneous essays, researched papers, critically think and write what I think!

This shows the state of education in the State of Pakistan. A nation cannot move ahead, when the State has a gay Educational System. Forget the Public Education, that is not worthy of even talking about, I am talking about the education in the Private Sector. Of course, Private or Public, they both try to fulfill and prepare the students to fulfill those requirements set by the State (well for the most part, if you rich then all is well for you!).

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