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What Muhajir and Pathan Can Learn From the Qur’an

By Umer Sultan| “Lets move from the Jahiliyyah to the nobility of Islam!”

The sanctity of Ramadan is meaningless for them. The open doors of Heavens are meaningless for them. Seeking forgiveness for the past shortfalls and asking Allah for guidance is meaningless for them. What is meaningful for them, however, is to shed blood of their Muslim brothers because Allah had created them into different languages and ethnicity.

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I am not talking about Syria in which the government forces are shooting down the Muslims praying in the Mosques. I am talking about the situation in Karachi in which over 300+ people have died and counting, where the city has been hijacked by mainly two secularist-ethnic nationalist parties-ANP- Awami National Party (Pathan) and MQM- formerly Muhajir Qaumi Movement (Muhajir). Target killings are the norm in the city, and the sins of the dead & their families is that they belong to one of the two ethnic groups- Pathan or Muhajir, or they happened to be the bystanders, where as, the PPP-Pakistan Peoples Party, is having a low-profile in the conflict.

Pathan are Pashto speaking people from the North Western region of Pakistan neighboring Afghanistan. Muhajir are Urdu speaking people who migrated from India to Pakistan. This insanity is also part of  the Global War on Terror. The MQM that claims to uphold the rights of Muhajir has Continue reading


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Pervez Musharraf announced to form a new party to give 3rd option for Pakistan- Part 2

Part 1: Intro and Pervez Musharraf’s values

The 3rd Option for Pakistanis:

Pervez Musharraf said that he wanted to provide the third option to the people of Pakistan. The first two options in the coming elections will be Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), led by incompetent Asif Ali Zardari (well officially led by his son who has no concern regarding Pakistan); and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz group (PML-N) led by ever shifting sides of Nawaz Shareef. It’s interesting that PPP is even an option left, let alone to be among the first two choices! This is the sad reality of Pakistani politics.
Pervez Musharraf’s 3rd option for Pakistanis is going to be the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), the name for his would be newly formed party. The party will be launched in July in London, and according to the News:
On the other hand, it is learnt that some important leaders of the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q), which ruled the country for five years under the patronage of Gen (Retd) Musharraf, are in close contact with the former president. “These PML-Q leaders are assuring the former president of not only full support to the APML but also joining it,” said the source. [The News.com.pk by Mazhar Tufail May 17, 2010]
Many of the people of Pakistan that would vote for his party would do so because of him, not because of the party values and mission, this is the dilemma Pakistan faces. Pakistanis in general align themselves to the parties based on the following three categories, a party based on ethnicity, a person, and by religious sect, where ethnicity and the personality of a person often overlaps.


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Maintenance of Law and Order and Enforcement of Hudud

Section E: Maintenance of Law and Order and Enforcement of Hudud

While the act of surveillance* is supposed to be the duty of every Muslim, this cannot be left as a totally voluntary duty. It is for the government to ensure that a group of persons is effectively engaged in this task on a full-time basis. In either case, the government must take a hortatory role and act as a moral force. It is equally the duty of the government to use its force in order to maintain law and order in the country. The Divine scheme of life as enunciated in the Qur’an and Hadith hates fasad (corruption) and zulm (injustice) in the society.

The frequent mention in the Qur’an that Allah does not like fasad and that Allah does not like zulm and the severe admonitions which the Qur’an associates with these vices make it obligatory for an Islamic state not only to suppress these vices but also to plug all the loopholes that lead one to indulge in them. The term fasad is used in the Qur’an to convey the following meanings: Continue reading

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At least 500 Families went Bankcrupt in a Day!

500 families to around 2000 individuals went bankcrupt in one Day in Karachi, the industrial and economic backbone of Pakistan. WHY? because Police and Rangers were chilling in their headquarters, when this “mob” burned the economic Hub of Karachi.

Blame Taliban if you want Altaf Hussein and Asif Ali Zardari, but some of us will remember that not a single security agency was there to protect and control the situation. All this has happened before and is happening again!

Public is being fooled and getting fooled.

These families were not terrorist, they were mainly Pashton middle class, selling products @ wholesale. Will you pay for their rehablilitation Oh President of Islamic Republic, becoz thats what the Islamic Law says. May I ask you Mr. Zardari and Mr Mustafa Kamal- The Mayor of Karachi- that where was the entire POlice force, Anti Terrorist Squad, Rangers, Pakistani Military in Karachi cantonments???

Public is still sleeping.

Our freek politicians are having Picnic in Gwadar from public’s millions of ruppees of tax while taking loans from IMF, World Bank, US, and when people are being killed like its Modern Warfare game. Where is the humanity in that!

Chulloo bhar pani mein sharam se doob marna chahiye in haram khoroon ko.

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Pakistani Court made History by Declaring NRO Null and Void

Umer Sultan

Pakistan Supreme Court made history by declaring the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) unconstitutional. NRO was signed by Military President General Pervez Musharraf, which granted amnesty to politicians, political workers and bureaucrats who were accused of corruption, embezzlement, money laundering, murder, and terrorism between January 1, 1986, and October 12, 1999- the time between two states of martial laws. It was under pressure from the United States government in order to allow Late Benazir Bhutto to return to Pakistan for elections.

As this ordinance expired this month and the debate to renew this thug ordinance, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary once again successfully won the hearts of the people of Pakistan, espacially the youth by declaring this Amnesty Ordinance void. NRO gave complete amnesty to all the politicians and beneficiaries regarding their previous cases on corruption. By the nullification of NRO, all those cases have been renewed and are back into the court.

What does this mean now? This means that the case of Corruption of Asif Ali Zardari is back into the court, along with many other prominent politicians of Pakistan. It also means that Supreme Court is presently not acting as a puppet of the Federal government as it was during the dictatorship of Musharraf.

Should the Supreme Court stop here? NO. The success of the Lawyers Movement that reinstated Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary has given hope to the democratic element of the population. It also brought youth into political activism and gave them hope in the system. Now with this landmark decision, the youth once again feels proud and more hopeful. The Court should go on and hear the cases of corruptions and charge all the guilty figures regardless of their authority and position.

If the cases against Zardari are proved, he should be impeached and brought to justice. Mr. Zardari is well known as Mr 10% among the people of Pakistan. Recently, I watched a video at Facebook in which a politician of Pakistan Peoples Party, of which Mr. Zardari is the proud Chairman, bluntly said in front of the public in an interview that

“Taking bribery is our right. The whole society is corrupt and everyone is taking it. If we won’t take it then we will be left behind.”

(I am 99.99% sure that this politician takes bribery and is deeply involved in corruption, otherwise, no one can be that truthful and outspoken regarding their believes. Funny thing is, I haven’t heard any action in responce to this statement by this politician. I will try to find his name and post it here, or the video.) [Name of this Noble Person is federal minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Jatoi].

The youth of Pakistan has high hopes with the independent judiciary. Independant Judiciary is a very fundamental element of Islamic governance, and any effort by the Feds to indulge in Judiciary matters have received protests and resignations by Qadis (Judges) and Islamic scholars throughout the Islamic History. Moreover, Judiciary is the vanguard of Justice in any society, and with the new pumped up support of the youth due to lawyers movement and the trust in this Independent Judiciary, it is imperative on the Supreme Court to clean the Pakistani government.

The youth of Pakistan can’t take widespread corruption anymore. They want their socities to change, their cities to flourish and their country to prosper. Countless Facebook groups, Pakistani blogs, and other networking tools have become vocal in putting all these demands in one word “Revolution.”

Just a couple years ago, there was a feeling that Pakistan is bound to doom, but not any more. Oh guardians of Justice, fulfill your obligation. Take the lead in this and the nation will be with you. The people knew who is pro Democracy and Law and who is against during Lawyers Movement. Youth bared baton charges and tear gases along side men and women in black coats and suits in Lawyers Movement. They will stand again if needed be to defend the judiciary of Pakistan, if the Judiciary declars Jihad on Corruption in Pakistan.

No more corrupt cops, corrupt politicians, thug tax on entrepreneurs, land grabbers, teachers being disgraced, and the embezzlement of national treasury. The youth says NO MORE…

P.S. Good bye NRO.

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