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Video: Darululoom Deoband Library: Rare Books and Mushaf…WOW!

Darululoom Deoband is also referred to as Al-Azhar of South Asia. It is the most famous Islamic Scholarship institution of South Asia, and one of the famous ones in the world, with rich history and background.

Check this amazing video, with different Mushaf* in different style and Continue reading


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Indeed the role of women in Islam is misunderstood by Many! *Especially by Muslims themselves

Why its about Men? Men doing this and Men doing that! No let me correct myself. Why its about Muslim Men? Muslim Men doing this and Muslim Men doing that! Why its about Muslim Men oppressing Muslim Women? Why its about Muslim Men segregating Muslim Women?
Why some people being Muslims want to portray it as a Gender issue? Why they measure Islam on the weights of the Secular Western Tradition? Why these “Progressive” Muslims or “Feminist” Muslims fail to see that the Muslim Women wants to pray separate! Muslim Women do not want men to Continue reading


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Hadith 23: Don’t be fooled by appearances

Anas ibn Malik reports Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:Allah does not look at your bodies and your faces, but He looks at your hearts and your actions.(Reported by Imam Ahmad, declared Hasan by al-Albani)I guess this is self explanatory. We all can understand the basic idea behind this hadith. God looks at what is in our hearts and what we do (our actions). Our appearences is of no concern to Him. God thus doesn’t care about your color, lineage, … Read More

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