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Video: Revolution in Egypt in perspective by Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf

Watch this video, listen to it, share it with others so that we emotional Muslims can put this revolution in a perspective!
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Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution was about Freedom not Looting

By Umer Sultan| As posted at AnnArbor.com

AnnArbor.com in this Sunday’s print edition included a story of Tunisia’s resent massive public uprising as something of a grand incident of looting. The story focused mainly on riots, looting, prison inmates getting free but the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ was about more important things than these.

For 23 years, Tunisia was ruled by the iron fist regime of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. Secret agents were in every corner of the country to make sure no Continue reading

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Hijabi Muslim Women Protest in Yemen and Azerbaijan for their Rights

Umer Sultan|

Women in Islamic headscarves (Hijab/ Niqab/ Burqa) took streets in Azerbaijan on December 10 and in Yemen on December 14 demanding their rights.

These protests didn’t make it to the headlines of the Western Media, well simply because it doesn’t show the “Oppression” of Islam, it doesn’t fit the grand scheme, the grand scenario, you know what I mean!

Protest in Azerbaijan:

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Nov 2: How Muslims built a bar near a Masjid

By Abdul Malik Mujahid | SoundVision.com

Yesterday, I prayed in a Masjid where the leader announced that if you don’t vote you don’t exist. He explained that in his county, laws are being passed which will make it almost impossible for Muslims to build Masjids. The only way to counteract this is by voting.

After his speech, someone who was also listening shared with me how a bar was built in his neighborhood because of Muslim voter apathy. This was in an area with a Masjid.

It started like this: the Muslim community heard about the plan and 40 people decided to approach the alderman of that town for a hearing on this issue. Along with them, 10 others attended in support of the bar.

The alderman asked: “How many of you are citizens?” All of the Muslims except one raised their hands. All 10 of the proponents of the bar raised their hands.

The alderman then asked the Muslims how many of them were registered to vote. Out of the 40, only four raised their hands. When he asked the same of Continue reading


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Day in Pictures: Does the world care!

A Kashmiri woman cries during a funeral of Wamik Farooq in Srinagar February 1, 2010. REUTERS/Danish Ismail (INDIAN- ADMINISTERED KASHMIR - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS)


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10 Imperatives For Peace

1. Maintain public order and prevent social turbulence from escalating into protractred deadly conflict.

2. Polarizing political rhetoric and tactics must be forgone, however, tempting their short-term benefits may seem.

3. Meeting the needs and aspirations of fighting-age young men should be the first priority of national development policies and of programs funded by international donors.

4. Developing countries should have internal security forces (police and paramilitary) that are generously funded, professional, apolitical, and trained to meet the complex challenges of maintaining public order in a changing society.

5. Development policies that meet human being’s common aspirations–to feel good about their lives, the circumstances in which they live, and future prospects for themselves and their children– will contribute most effectively to keeping violent conflict and terrorism within acceptable bounds.

6. Those who frame development policies should seek a middle path between capitalism’s efficient, but Darwinian, precepts and socialism’s egalitarian, but stultifying, precepts. [1]

7. Good governance and democratization must be part of the “successful development” mix. Most important are governance institutions that are open to “bad news” and are self-correcting.

8. Multinational corporations, business, and associations should play a more active role in supporting successful development policies.

9. Successful development requires a long-term view. Giving sufficient weight to the long term requires institutional mechanisms and discourses that extend beyind the next election and term in office of political leaders currently in power.

10. There must be a realistic, rigorous, opportunity costs analysis of military options and U.S. equivalent expenditures for nonmilitary options before proceeding down the slippery slope of military solutions to complex development problems.

By John Richardson
“War and Peace in the 21st Century.” The Future. Nov-Dec 2006.

[1]  Imperative 6, I think is completely unproductive. Author tried to have a middle ground between Capitalism, Socialism and darwinism! I think for Imperative 6, Government need to regulate the policies they want to adopt. There should be a balance between free market and government regulation with key areas under government authority, like Oil etc.

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