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‘In The Belly Of A Whale’ by Shaykh Moataz Al-Hallak

Have you ever been in the belly of a whale? Listen to this inspiring and life changing Khutbah, reflect, and share it with others so others may experience a life changing event in their life inshAllah (God Willing). Continue reading

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Video: Revolution in Egypt in perspective by Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf

Watch this video, listen to it, share it with others so that we emotional Muslims can put this revolution in a perspective!
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Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution was about Freedom not Looting

By Umer Sultan| As posted at AnnArbor.com

AnnArbor.com in this Sunday’s print edition included a story of Tunisia’s resent massive public uprising as something of a grand incident of looting. The story focused mainly on riots, looting, prison inmates getting free but the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ was about more important things than these.

For 23 years, Tunisia was ruled by the iron fist regime of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. Secret agents were in every corner of the country to make sure no Continue reading

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Another look at the attack on Coptic Church in Egypt by Dawud Walid

By Dawud Walid| Source

The recent tragedy of the suicide bombing of a Coptic church in Egypt has not received much in depth analysis in Western media.  Many journalists have focused on this tragedy as part of a supposed systematic scheme to cleanse Christians from the Middle East or at least it being a sign of the severe hardships that Christians face at the hands of Muslims.  And though no one has claimed responsibility for the attack as of yet and law enforcement has not identified who the perpetrator was, the popular assumption is that the attack must have been perpetrated by a Muslim despite the fact that there have been Christian suicide bombers in the region.

This morning, I received an e-mail from an Arab-American Christian colleague that is currently in Egypt now.  This is some of what she stated:

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Shame on the Muslim World for their Silence

I have to say this before I say anything else, that this post and what I am about to say will offend many of you (Muslims)! And frankly I really don’t care what you think of me and how offended you get! I just don’t care…

I have said this to some people I know, and mostlty I haven’t receieved a much positive respond. I have been told to stay positive, that I should think positive, that what I say (coming below) creates ill feeling towards other Muslims and that I am being pessimistic, or that I should not judge others. I Strongly Disagree!

So here is what I have to say:

The Silence of Muslims on the issue of Kashmir is just pathetic. There are Human beings dying there, living under occupation for 63 years. How come Continue reading


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Pakistan in crisis after the natural disaster that is worst than Haiti and Tsunami- Update1

Pakistan is facing the worst crisis of its history after Monsoon Rains submerged one-fifth of the country under water.

A mother carries her children through floodwater in Muzaffargarh

By Umer Sultan.

This is Part 2, read Part 1 here.

With about 2,000 dead and estimated 20 Million people affected, more than 3.5 million children are at risk for waterborne diseases, according to the UN officials.

Unless the world responds immediately, more and more of the 3.5 million children affected by the floods will be at risk of Continue reading


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Jewish Flotilla to Break Gaza Siege!!! While Hamas refuses to take Aid from Israel and waits for Turkey’s Green Light!!!

Aviel Magnezi
Published: 06.06.10, 20:33 / Israel News

The German-Jewish organization Jewish Voice for Peace in the Middle East is preparing a Jewish flotilla to the Gaza Strip. “We intend to leave around July,” a member of the organization, Kate Leitrer, said to Ynet. “We have one small craft so far, in which there will be between 12 and 16 people, mostly Jews.”

Leitrer, herself Jewish, said there was great interest in joining. “Getting another boat means more expenses, and we’re discussing this possibility,” she said. “Because of limited space, there will be school equipment, candy, and mainly musical equipment, and there’ll be musicians aboard who’ll teach the children of Gaza. They need to see that Jews are not what how they are drawn in their eyes.”

Leitrer also claimed that Israel acted criminally in its lethal raid on the Gaza flotilla last Monday.

“The head of UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) appealed to the world to send ships due to the shortage of important supplies in Gaza,” she said. “By stopping the flotilla, Israel acted criminally. Israel must not act like pirates.”

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Freedom Flotilla: Humanitarian Aid to Gaza is a Sin and Crime against God

By Umer Sultan

Source: FB Page "Wake Up Muslims"

Israel attacked the aid ship directed towards Gaza, leaving about 19 people dead and 60 wounded. The Israeli Defense Forces used live ammunition on the ship at the unarmed solidarity activists, mostly from Turkey.

The stormed ship (Mavi Marmara) was leading five other aid ships and had solidarity activists, aid leaders, and journalist from different countries aboard. At this moment there is no news as to who is dead and wounded. 2 Pakistani journalists [video] are among those missing and one of them is Talat Hussein from Pakistani AAJ TV, a very critical, outspoken and respected journalist in Pakistan.

Turkey, the long friend of Israel got really ticked off at the military strike by Israel and has pulled Turkish ambassador from Israel. Turkey has also threatened Israel, even with a possibility that Turkey will send more aid ships with the escort of Turkish Navy…you know what that could mean right! Greece has cancelled its joint military exercise. Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said:

“It should be known that we will not stay silent and unresponsive in the face of this inhuman state terror,” Press TV.

President Obama has only this to say:
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Swiss Vote Betrays Enlightenment Ideals: Juan Cole

By Juan Cole

Minarets in Ardino

Swissinfo surveys the headlines in Switzerland Monday morning and finds that the press there universally condemned and expressed dismay at Sunday’s vote. Editors expressed consternation at the inevitable tarnishing of Switzerland’s image and worried about the consequences. Will there be boycotts? Sanctions? Appeals to the European Court of Human Rights? 

I can anticipate right now arguments to excuse this outbreak of bigotry in the Alps that will be advanced by our own fringe Right, of Neoconservatives and those who think, without daring saying it, that “white culture” is superior to all other world civilizations and deserves to dominate or wipe the others out. 

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A Letter From Archbishop Atallah to the Muslim World: A Call for Abrahamic Brotherhood

Archbishop Atallah Hanna’s message to the Muslim world:

To the dear Muslim brothers and friends
From your Christian brother, Bishop Atallah Hanna,
From Jerusalem, the heart of the Christian and Muslim worlds.
Greeting and blessing and God have mercy on us all.

We all heard what happened when some Muslims attacked some Christians in Egypt on Christmas day, after people finished their prayers filled with holiday joy and grace. They are all from Egypt, a land that is a mother to both Muslims and Christians. This attack on Christmas day, resulted in the death of 6 Christians and 1 Muslim, turning a joyous and blessed day to a sad day filled with grief and death between Muslim and Christian brothers.

On this occasion, I address my Muslim friends and brothers to think about some matters that will help prepare a better future for all the children of a united Arab family, in order to prevent sectarian incidents that occur from time to time in the Arab world, with its Muslim majority, and a Christian minority which among themselves, keep reminding each other of a united Arab nation, and the different religious and civilized stages that the nation has been undergoing.

My message is that we must seek together a serious effort to create a new generation of Muslims and Christians who know they are the sons of one homeland, who hold the same message in building a nation filled with peace and prosperity and love.

I know of some Islamic currents that oppose the various growing types of modern colonialism that target us all, Christians and Muslims. Some Muslims have become confused between their Christian brothers in the homeland and western colonialists, because some, not all, of these invaders or colonialists, are Christians. In fact colonialist policies now are free from the spirit of Christianity, and are actually policies that both Christians and Muslims are its victims of.

With respect to all people in the world, east and west, there must be a distinction between an abusive colonialist and a true believer in his faith and God, who celebrated his religious holidays with joy and happiness.

We should consciously support any efforts to resist every type of modern colonialism, united and not through strife (Fitnah). Some of this “Fitnah” might have come as a natural way throughout history and resided in some families and tribes. Yet, some are unnatural and become deliberate movements that operate either out of ignorance and lack of cultural openness, or through precise awareness of trying to further segregate the people causing further destruction in the Arab countries.

Yes we have heard many opinions in the media condemning what had happened, as well as giving advise and guidance. But what we truly need is more media that explicitly analyzes sectarian incidents like this, one that calls for the need of a new Muslim-Christian education that is based on respecting one another.
An education that frankly says that religion does not tolerate any sectarian attacks and forbids viewing a person of a different faith as an enemy or somebody who is less.

The relationship between Islam and Christianity in the Arab Middle East has matured over the centuries due to a long shared history. We should stay united over this heritage that remains till this day a source of renewed life in our daily lives and not let it be the source of death that destroys our history, our humanity, and our nation.

I ask God to help us with this common endeavor to make our countries a place of faith and sincere prayer to the Almighty, where all will be equal and all living in blessing.

Christians are a big part of the Arab nation and heritage and are not remnants of any kind of colonialism. Our churches are the property of the entire nation and an assault on it is an assault on all of the people, and an assault on the Islamic holy places is an attack on us all also. Beware of those who stir up seditions, and let us face this cause of great suffering with more unity and rejection of extremism and sectarianism.

Your Brother,
Bishop Atallah Hanna
Archbishop of The Greek Orthodox Church
Jerusalem 12/1/2010

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